Every year, more than 150 Nelnet directors convene in Lincoln for the All Directors Meeting (ADM) to discuss where the company is headed and plan for how we can get there. This year’s theme was “See Your Future, Be Your Future,” encouraging directors to work with their teams to chart where we’re headed in every part of the company.

Nelnet also hosted numerous guest speakers, all native Nebraskans who have excelled in various fields of business.

  • Andy Abboud, senior vice president of government relations and community development for the Sands Corporation, spoke about the importance of identifying a unique corporate brand and adapting that brand to a global audience.


  • Angie Klein, vice president of marketing for new product innovation at Verizon, spoke about how she encourages her teams to challenge the status quo in order to “disrupt” the business to introduce new ideas and products – even if that means disrupting your own line of business.

  • Nelnet board members Preeta Bansal, Kimberly Rath, Tom Henning, David Graff, and Kathy Farrell participated in a Q&A, moderated by Chairman of the Board Mike Dunlap. The group discussed their visions for Nelnet’s future and gave insights from their own work in fields including business, government, education, and more.

Nelnet CEO Jeff Noordhoek kicked the whole event off with a keynote address, outlining Nelnet’s big goals for 2019 and the next 20 years.

At Nelnet, we are always looking for more ways to pursue opportunities for diversification and growth, provide superior customer experiences, and create awesome work environments. Thanks to our directors for coming together to help us see (and be) our future!