​If you’ve driven or walked by Nelnet’s new 401 Building in Lincoln, there’s one distinct feature that likely caught your eye − the kinetic art wall. The large display is made of over 2,000 moving stainless steel panels that create a captivating fluttering effect to onlookers. The panels are arranged to create the Telegraph District’s telephone logo against a sleek, silver background. The wall decorates the east side of the 401 Building, giving it an iridescent glow as you enter downtown Lincoln.

Between design, manufacturing, and installation, the kinetic art wall was a collaborative effort between several companies, most of which are based here in Lincoln, including Speedway Properties, TMCO, DLR Architects, and Pleskac and Pleskac, Inc.

In addition to the kinetic art wall, the 401 Building features a system of 40 unique aluminum sun shades. These shades are made of LED light panels that provide shade during the day and architectural highlight at night. The sun shades are a product of TCMO and Speedway Properties.

Not only do the kinetic art wall and aluminum sun shades bring industrial design and high aesthetic impact to the 401 Building, they mark the beginning of the revitalization and evolution of the historic Telegraph District. Nelnet is excited with the outcome of these pieces and humbled to contribute life and beauty to the area.