One of the most engaging and interesting opportunities for growth available to Nelnet associates is the chance to attend Agile Camp. Attendees learn about agile principles and practices throughout two days of free sessions led by other Nelnet associates sharing their experiences. Camp participants return to their respective teams to apply what they’ve learned, eager to implement new practices and improve how they operate.

In case you’re wondering, “agile” refers to the various approaches to software development that require constantly evolving solutions and collaboration from different team members.

“One of the best parts of Agile Camp is that associates across the organization can attend a conference organized and attended by associates across Nelnet,” said Chris Dunn, a former Nelnet associate and one of the creators of Agile Camp. “With that, there is a lot of team-building, creation of new relationships, and growth of current ones.”

Agile Camp started in 2015 as a one-day event in Colorado, focused on helping only the Nelnet Diversified Solutions (NDS) IT team. Over the last couple of years, the curriculum has been extended and topics are now relevant to all Nelnet associates. Sessions now cover topics like changing outcomes with questions, how happiness can fuel success, and proven ways to increase productivity. In 2019, 338 Nelnet associates attended from many different business lines, with even more expected to join next year.

“From the beginning, we wanted Agile Camp to travel to each of the main offices to engage as many associates as possible. It started out small, but in the last couple of years, Agile Camp has been introduced to many different areas of Nelnet,” said Keil Wilson, Nelnet’s IT Enterprise business applications architect. “Agile Camp 2019 drew in a huge number of attendees from new teams like ALLO, People Services, Corporate IT Infrastructure, and Nelnet Business Solutions.”

For current associates who see that Agile Camp is coming to your location, think about attending. It could help you grow, create many new relationships within Nelnet for you, and improve how your team works together. For prospective new associates, Agile Camp is just one of the ways Nelnet associates learn from each other, share innovative ideas, and use team-building to find new ways to work together to better serve our customers.

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