Nelnet Supervisor John Olive Shares His Story

Nelnet associates spent the month of April celebrating Diversity Month. For many, the month was about trying new experiences in order to embrace diversity in their workplaces and communities. For others, it was an opportunity to show pride in their own cultures. Check out this video of Nelnet Default Management Supervisor John Olive.


International Taste Festival Brings Food, Flags, and Fun

Associates in Aurora had the opportunity to experience the world by trying new foods from 20 different cultures at Nelnet’s International Taste Festival. Associates were also encouraged to color paper flags from around the world and hang them at their desks to help illustrate office diversity.




What Does Diversity Mean to You?

This celebration of Diversity Month was well-received by Nelnet associates. Some shared their thoughts on diversity:

“‘We are a single garland of a hundred different flowers.’ This is one of the verses of [Nepal’s] National Anthem, and what better way to describe the ethnicity of all people living within the country in peace and harmony, each with their own traditions and customs?” – Sajita Khadka

“To me, diversity is everyone being able to be themselves and embrace it no matter their background or where they come from.” – Aloya Hamdan

“Diversity, to me, means a mixture of different people, including different genders, races, ages, economic status, abilities, and political views.” – Nancy Grove

“Diversity, to me, means a large variety of backgrounds coming together.” – Andrea Maret

“Diversity, to me, is best represented by the phrase, ‘infinite diversity in infinite combinations.’ To me, that means that the more diverse the world can be, the more we can achieve together.” – Sam Buckner

“It was always an experience going to Kansas to visit because there were homemade German dishes that were shared with the entire family, including distant family members. This is a huge part of what I feel diversity means: everyone gathering together to share things in common; sharing the love for food and family around the kitchen table.” – Alyssa Watts

“Diversity, to me, not only [involves] race, religion or non-religion, gender, or sexual preference. It involves everything: music, food, weather, jobs. It [would] be very boring if we would all be under one type.” – Paola Panchana

“Diversity gives everybody an opportunity to learn to not only be tolerant of people different than themselves, but makes everybody, regardless of who they are, what they believe, where they come from, or what deck of cards they have been dealt, the chance to be included, feel valued, and comfortable that no one person is alike!” – Aimee Zuniga

“Diversity, to me, is not what people are on the outside, but the qualities, talents, passions, and personalities that each individual possesses internally. It is this uniqueness that makes the world so fascinating and diverse!” – Lauren Domenge

“Diversity, to me, is the cultural values that an individual has that makes them unique and different from everyone else.” – Anonymous

“Diversity means celebrating the ways that we are all unique and the same! It is appreciating common ground and learning from differences.” – Anonymous

“Diversity, to me, is like fruit salad; a bowl full of great flavors, spices, and colors!” – Anonymous

“Diversity, to me, is acceptance and respect for the unique differences in other individuals.” – Anonymous

However you celebrated Diversity Month, thank you for taking the time to participate in events throughout April. Celebrating diversity isn’t limited to just one month of the year, though – you can continue learning about new backgrounds and create connections with people every day!