The modern workplace is constantly changing, and one of the trending changes is working outside of the traditional office. Around the world, 70% of professionals work remotely at least one day a week, with 53% doing so for at least half the week. With more associates working from home or another location, it’s important to have the right systems and communication in place so these associates can effectively do their jobs and still feel in-tune with company culture.

Nelnet has many remote associates that have turned spaces at home into their own special workplace. A handful of them shared some insights into how they stay productive, connect with coworkers from afar, and disconnect after work.

One major topic of discussion when it comes to working remotely is motivation: Is the traditional office environment a necessary ingredient in productivity during the workday? Or can productivity be created at home?

Cynthia Borosch, who works remotely as a Voice IT infrastructure engineer, has a great answer to this question. She has a home office set up in her den, and has no problems staying motivated throughout the day. “The knowledge that I will not have to spend hours of non-productive time in my car every day helps me stay focused. Working remotely also allows me to work extra hours without feeling like I am giving up too much personal time,” Cynthia said. “And if the weather is bad, I don’t have any stress about driving through it. Basically, I have much less stress, plus more work-life balance and money saved on gas as motivators. Less stress equals more motivation.”

Finding different ways to recharge is another challenge of working remotely. When you spend the entire day working at your house, sometimes it can be difficult to unplug and get out of that “work mode” once you’re done working–but still at home.

Lindsay Sanderson, communications manager for Nelnet Diversified Solutions, had some great things to share about how she powers down the remote work mentality. “I try to turn off my computer at a set time each day, and I work hard to ignore phone email notifications after work when I know there are no deadlines or needs that I’m trying to meet,” Lindsay said. “During the day, I like to take a step outside for fresh air and meet up with the occasional friend for coffee or lunch to make sure that I stay energized to keep going, since I don’t have the normal office interactions that others do. I also always take a lunch break to get some time away from my desk.”

Another point of interest when considering working remotely is how to stay connected with coworkers and company culture. Even with the abundance of technology and communication today, sometimes remote workers still have to put in extra effort to stay in touch with coworkers and be aware of everything that’s happening.

Karen Anderson, a Nelnet client service manager, shared some nuggets of information about how she communicates remotely from her home office. “I communicate via phone and Webex daily with my team members and have an ‘open door policy,’ even if it is 80 miles away from the office,” Karen said. “I also go onsite to the Burleson, Texas office periodically.”

Thanks to technologies like Webex, Jabber, and Teams, Nelnet associates can excel every day from the comfort of their homes. Creating an awesome work environment extends beyond the walls of the office space today, and it’s important to have measures in place so remote associates can succeed and stay in touch with what’s going on in the workplace.

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