​The Nelnet Innovation Hub is excited to announce the launch of a new product, FoundationGIVE, which offers a beta solution for classroom-based crowdfunding and in-kind business partnerships. The Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools and St. Joseph Catholic School are the first two customers using the platform.

This new platform helps school districts in two ways:

First, teachers and parent teacher associations (PTAs) can create crowdfunding campaigns that help fill the gaps in district supplies and funding and help them adhere to all district fundraising policies and guidelines.

Second, FoundationGIVE creates a marketplace where business partners in the community can post opportunities for volunteers and in-kind donations that are easily available to all schools and classrooms.

“Crowdfunding has one of the highest returns of any fundraising activity. Teachers and PTAs are rapidly adopting platforms such as GoFundMe, Indigogo, and DonorsChoose.org, but it creates a real challenge for foundations to track activity and ensure fundraising guidelines are followed,” said Mike Kuhl, Innovation Hub marketing manager. “FoundationGIVE makes compliance easy and gives districts a single place to manage and promote every teacher’s campaign.”

FoundationGIVE was created with input and validation from Lincoln Public Schools to replace a legacy solution. After a three-month development sprint, the product was ready for customer testing in early August 2017. Since going live, Lincoln Public Schools has launched 46 campaigns.

The FoundationGIVE team is finalizing agreements with two districts outside of Nebraska and is actively pursuing new customers. All donation transactions are processed using Payment Spring.

You can view and donate to current campaigns here.