For years, Nelnet’s Pathway internships have allowed students to experience various business lines and help them determine their career path. Now, Pathway internships are evolving – we’re proud to introduce the new and improved Pathway Power Program.

The concept is the same – Pathways will spend time in a variety of departments, learning under an assortment of mentors, but we’re making a few changes to ensure that our Pathway interns have the best experience possible.

Pathway interns will choose the track that best aligns with their career path and then spend time in four different Nelnet departments within that track. The opportunities are endless and each Pathway intern will have an experience unique to them.

Business + Innovation

  • NBS Systems Training and Internal Communications
  • Global Training
  • People Services
  • NBS Business Operations
  • Vosaic
  • Startups/BenefitEd
  • Marketing
  • NBS Product

Finance + Investments

  • Capital Ventures
  • U-fi
  • NBS Accounting
  • Internal Audit
  • ALLO Finance
  • Corporate Tax + Accounting
  • Workforce Management/Finance


Longer Timeline

Previously, Pathway internships lasted for one semester – now, the program lasts for two semesters, or one school year. This allows our interns more time in each of their rotations to learn about the teams they work with and work more in-depth on the projects they complete. With eight weeks spent in each of the four departments, the interns can get fully immersed and have a better idea of what they want to do after graduation.

More Internship Opportunities

Students in their Junior or Senior year of higher education are encouraged to apply. This gives relevant work experience to more students who have a clearer picture of their career path, plus wisdom gained from working in a variety of businesses will produce valuable assets for the community’s workforce once internships are complete.

These new changes to the program are an exciting opportunity for Nelnet to grow. There’s now more diversity of the departments involved, and the internships are more valuable to both the student and Nelnet, with longer rotations and a longer program duration.

To learn more about Pathway internships, check out our Internships page.