Ready for their speaking engagement, Nelnet leaders Jeff Noordhoek and Terry Heimes join a video call from the company’s executive boardroom. With a view of downtown Lincoln, the two field questions about the company – not from investors or other leaders – but from interns.

This session was the first in a summer-long educational series called iTalks. Hosted by Nelnet’s campus recruiting team, iTalks will feature associates across Nelnet’s 23 locations. Each Monday morning, a speaker will offer advice to interns, discuss their work at Nelnet, and allow interns to explore new areas of the business through an open Q&A session.

In the first hour-long session, Jeff and Terry discussed Nelnet’s history, current business units, and their vision for the future of Nelnet. Throughout the second half of the talk, the 56 interns spending their summers at various Nelnet locations had the chance to ask questions of the executives.

Nelnet’s summer interns can look forward to a new topic presented via Webex every week this summer. Upcoming topics include web strategy, agile methodology, product design, and digital user experience – granting interns the opportunity to engage with associates from different aspects of Nelnet.

As a whole, the iTalks series underscores what a Nelnet internship is all about – professional growth within an innovative and supportive environment. According to Jeff, that support reaches all the way to the executive boardroom.

“Hopefully our excitement for the program is evident, as we believe [it] provides an excellent opportunity for students making critical career decisions to develop a deep understanding of the company,” Jeff said. “[It] also provides full-time associates an opportunity to get to know the skills and talents of potential future leaders.”

Want to get in on the fun? Nelnet hires interns year-round.