Audrey Nichelson, Nelnet Campus Commerce senior account manager and trainer, has an infectious laugh, is an easy conversationalist, and maintains a laid-back attitude despite a packed schedule.

She knows how to balance things. She’s been at Nelnet for 10 years — 8 of those as an account manager working with multiple institutions.

“Nelnet’s work environment is all about getting associates to the place where they shine best,” said Audrey. “When you work where you’re the happiest, you’re the most productive. When you have happy associates, you have people who are emotionally invested and stay at the company.”

When it comes to company culture, Audrey believes that open, respectful conversations are key to retaining passionate team members — and allowing them to learn and advance their skills.

“Like polishing a piece of silver, this dialogue allows our people to shine,” said Audrey. “By listening to each other, we avoid complacency and are able to grow individually and as a team.”

“Our team knows that at any given time, our priorities may have to shift,” said Audrey. “Staying on top of the various aspects of our roles allows us to be on the same page and assist every client with the same level of service.”

With a recent expansion of her responsibilities, that flexibility would prove to be even more important — her duties now include the training of new and existing account managers.

“My training position allows me to be on the front end of things and it’s never boring,” said Audrey. “I love the ability to forge long-lasting relationships with my clients and co-workers. We spend a lot of time together, so it’s nice to have a great ‘work family’ to share laughter and life with.”

For Audrey, relationships are what her career is all about. She’s checked in on a client while in Shreveport — and officially on vacation — and ended up going to lunch with the whole team. And when tragedy hit her family recently, she saw an outpouring of texts and messages from clients and co-workers showing love and checking in over the holidays.

“At Nelnet, it’s more than a job,” said Audrey. “I spend close to 2,000 hours a year with my work family. Even on the tough days, they make my life enjoyable.”


This “Humans of Nelnet” feature was co-written by NBS Content Strategist Becky Daniel. Interested in K-12 or higher education marketing? Check out articles she’s written for FACTS and Nelnet Campus Commerce.