Five years ago, Emily Duff was ready for change. At the time, she was in a dead-end job, anxious to grow her career. Then she applied at Nelnet.

Going into her first day as a processing representative, she had a plan in place: this was going to be a temporary gig while she looked for a bigger, brighter career. It didn’t take long for her to realize that Nelnet could offer her everything she wanted and more.

The atmosphere was different  from workplaces she’d experienced in the past – her team members were amazing and her supervisor was always supportive of personal and professional growth. This was a place where Emily could truly belong.

Over the next five years, she continued to learn and grow within the company. She took on three different roles in multiple departments, ultimately landing in her current position as a corporate recruiter.

“I love Nelnet’s core values and I stand by them,” Emily said. “I also have the ability to say, ‘I’ve been in your position before and look at me now.’ I think that’s part of what makes me a great recruiter.”

As a member of Nelnet’s recruiting team, Emily is exposed to a variety of Nelnet departments and businesses. In order to know what skills or qualifications a position involves, she digs in and does her research before recruiting for new roles.

“If I’m hiring an account manager, they’re likely to use jargon that I’m not exposed to on a daily basis,” Emily said. “I want to be able to talk at their level rather than passing their question on to the hiring manager. That first interaction is so important, because it’s often their first experience with Nelnet.”

Emily’s job involves more than interviewing applicants and organizing job descriptions. She wants candidates to truly understand what it means to work at Nelnet. The culture, the people, the values, and everything else that makes Nelnet an extraordinary place to work is fair game.

This emphasis on authenticity and workplace culture is one part of the recruiting team – and Emily’s – larger goal of evolving the perception of Nelnet from “anyone can work here” to “everyone wants to work here.”

“Many applicants think of Nelnet as a back-up employer in case they can’t find work elsewhere,” Emily said. “We’re more than that. Nelnet is where you want to be. When you walk through our doors, career opportunities and growth are available to you right off the bat.”

For the last five years, Emily has loved where she worked. In 2019, she’s looking forward to helping others do the same. With a little bit of hard work and passion for the business, careers have a way of blossoming at Nelnet – Emily is living proof.

If #LifeAtNelnet sounds like a fit for you, check out our job listings. Who knows? You may even interview with Emily!