Many would call Stacy Luckey a seasoned Nelnet veteran.

A functional manager with Nelnet’s Diversified Servicing Center, Stacy has been at Nelnet for 14 years. Naturally, the Lincoln East graduate has had her hand in a variety of the company’s services.

However, one theme in particular has been at the center of her career — her passion for Nelnet’s core value of providing superior customer service.

“I really just love the customer — that doesn’t just mean the person on the other end of the phone. Our customers are our clients, our leaders, our team members, and our peers,” Stacy said. “I  love the fact that every day the customers I get to work with are completely different.”

Her love for helping others stemmed from her time at Doane College (now Doane University). There, she studied business marketing with an emphasis on helping market small businesses with limited budgets. She gained experience marketing for various small business clients in the area, all while juggling school and bartending on the side.

While searching for a job with more flexibility, a friend who was a Nelnet recruiter, convinced her to apply for a position at the company.

“I needed to have a full-time job to help pay the bills and wanted to have a full-time school career as well,” Stacy said. “So this was kind of the best of both worlds.”

Stacy first joined Nelnet in 2004, working in Enrollment Processing and attending school at night until earning her degree in 2008. In 2011, she transitioned over to the Customer Interaction Center as a quality assurance team lead, supporting a total of 14 different business lines. In 2014, Stacy sought a new challenge and joined the Proxi team as the Arbor Day Foundation supervisor.

Proxi allows organizations like the Arbor Day Foundation to provide excellent customer support, by outsourcing customer service representatives and technology.

Out of all the hats she’s worn at Nelnet, Stacy credits her time as Proxi’s Arbor Day Foundation supervisor as the one that impacted her the most.

“I really think working with the Arbor Day Foundation team opened my eyes to a whole new customer base because the Arbor Day Foundation is a nonprofit organization,” Stacy said. “That really opened my eyes to the different types of customers we get a chance to work with.”

Now, as the functional manager for Proxi and Prosper, Stacy uses her experience and knowledge to build up her team members and develop them into next-level leaders. At the core of her leadership development lies the mantra, “building your bench.”

For Stacy, “building your bench” involves training and developing team members to take on leadership roles when called upon.

“Build your bench behind you. That way, when you want to have time off or want to do something that you enjoy doing, you’ve got your next-in-command ready to go,” Stacy said.

Throughout her time at Nelnet, Stacy has embraced every challenge and opportunity that has come her way. What keeps her motivated is the relationships formed with her coworkers, leaders, and clients.

“I don’t need gift cards or tangible tokens of appreciation. Just a simple ‘thank you for what you’re doing for us’ goes miles with me.” Stacy said.

For those that want to climb the professional ladder like Stacy, she has one piece of advice.

“Continue to brand yourself and talk to people outside of your department,” Stacy said. “There are a multitude of jobs out there today, and everyone is looking to hire the next best thing, so continue to network.”

Through hard work and dedication, Stacy was able to get to where she’s at today. But knowing her, she’ll keep looking for ways to grow.

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