Before arriving at Nelnet, Tamika Jackson had many different jobs, but she struggled to find one that provided both consistent income and the healthy work-life balance that she needed as a single mother. This all changed when she heard about Nelnet.

“A lot of people were talking about Nelnet and how great it was, so I went ahead and applied,” Tamika said. “I’m not a huge fan of being on the phone in general so I didn’t know how well I would do in a call center, but it turned out to be different than what I was expecting and the culture was a good fit, so I ended up sticking around.”

Tamika has worked at Nelnet for over six years, and she is a great example of how associates can use the performance-based incentives to achieve their career goals. Tamika started out as an advisor in the call center, and a little over a year later she was promoted to a supervisor position. Today, Tamika is a supervisor in the Lincoln Square building, and she attributes her swift success here to a fierce competitive spirit.

“I think you can really thrive by taking advantage of the performance-based structure and doing your best,” Tamika explained. “One awesome part of Nelnet is that they give you a lot of incentives to just do your job, so when you go above and beyond, they will reward you even more.”

One of the reasons Tamika is so passionate about her work is because of her desire to share the knowledge and experience that she’s gathered. She wanted to be a teacher when she was little, even setting up classes with lesson plans for her dolls. This drive to teach and motivate others has translated well in her effectiveness as a supervisor.

“I really enjoy seeing people who have been on my team find success and achieve their goals here,” Tamika said. “I always try to learn what people like to do, because I know that’s how I moved up so quickly. My supervisor saw something in me and she made sure to position me in spots that helped me get to where I wanted to be. That’s why I always want to make sure to pass it on and provide that for people on my team.”

Tamika also uses her leadership skills back home, sharing her knowledge and experience as she raises two daughters, ages 4 and 17.

“I always try to lead by example, not just in my job world, but also at home,” Tamika explained. “My kids do what I do instead of what I say most of the time. I try my best to be that good example for them because my girls are the highlight of my life.”

She loves that Nelnet gives her so much time to be with her daughters. When she isn’t spending time with family, Tamika volunteers for Project Connect Lincoln and United Way, and enjoys reading.

Tamika is even planning for her oldest daughter to work at Nelnet after she graduates from high school.

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