One of Nelnet’s core values is to create an awesome work environment, and a major part of that awesome environment is giving associates time to be away from work when they need a break. Nelnet associates work hard to make great things happen every day, but every now and then, everyone needs time to relax and not think about work.

One of the ways Nelnet supports a healthy work-life balance is through accumulating paid time off through the Earned Time Off (ETO) program. Associates earn ETO based on length of employment, full or part-time work, and exempt or non-exempt employment status.

A full-time non-exempt associate at Nelnet earns about 2.77 hours of ETO per week, or 18 days off per year. Once an associate has worked at Nelnet for five years, the rate they accumulate ETO increases, and then again at the 10-year mark. Sticking around definitely has its benefits.

In addition to ETO, Nelnet associates receive paid time off for volunteering and 10 paid holidays each year. Six of those are standard holidays, along with a floating holiday for every quarter of the year to be used whenever. Associates also have access to other paid leave options for family and health-related circumstances.

Nelnet also helps associates use the time they spend outside of work to be healthier. Every year, Nelnet sponsors recreational sports teams comprised of associates engaging in team-building outside the office. For independent exercisers, the Healthy Me program gives associates up to $300 per year for wellness expenses like Fitbits, fitness center memberships, and nutrition programs.

At Nelnet, we strive to take care of our associates inside and outside of work. With great benefits and a long list of company-wide perks, it’s easy to see why so many people love life at Nelnet.

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