Coworking is an increasingly popular workstyle that allows independent professionals and those with workplace flexibility to work alongside one another in a shared environment. Coworking spaces foster feelings of community and allow professionals from different companies to network and share ideas. These spaces typically offer amenities like desks, internet access, coffee, and snacks.

At Nelnet, we are constantly seeking diversification and growth – it’s one of our Core Values. We take great pride in doing this through innovation and investment in our communities, including supporting two coworking spaces: FUSE Coworking and Rally Workspace.

Rally Workspace – Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Located in Highlands Ranch’s growing Central Park development, Rally Workspace offers collaborative-style coworking options to freelancers, small businesses, remote workers, and other professionals. Rally, which is owned by Nelnet, will celebrate its grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony on January 16, 2018. Day suites, monthly desks, private offices, microsuites, and meeting rooms are currently available for lease.

“Rally Workspace was created for anyone who needs a place to do great work,” Executive Director Mark Voegele said. “We’re confident we have the right office space for teams of all sizes, and our customizable spaces allow for flexibility as teams grow.”

In 2018, Rally will focus on populating its space and developing a community-focused environment. Follow Rally on Facebook to keep up with the space’s progress and keep reading to see how you can benefit by referring a friend or colleague to Rally.

FUSE Coworking – Lincoln, Nebraska

Nelnet partnered with Speedway Properties to invest in FUSE Coworking, a space in Lincoln’s Historic Haymarket that opened in early 2013 and today houses a variety of start-up companies. FUSE operates on a mission of providing a space for the Lincoln community to build and connect, creating new ideas through collaboration, and fostering continued growth and sustainability in its entrepreneurial and start-up ecosystem. The high-energy coworking space is utilized by companies at various stages of growth solopreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers, which supports development and networking opportunities. It is also used for community events, such as various Meetup groups and Lincoln’s Girls Who Code club.

“Our core values at FUSE are community, collaboration, and sustainability,” Executive Director Rena Valentino said. “Everything we offer aligns with those, providing the space for community, which organically fosters collaboration and that inspires growth and sustainability, both within FUSE and within our local and regional ecosystems.”

FUSE’s focus in 2018 is to continue filling space with one-year or greater leases and to increase involvement in hosting meet-ups, events, learning series, and trainings. Follow FUSE on Twitter or Facebook to stay up-to-date with the space.

Score a Cash Referral Incentive

Do you know a local professional who would benefit from a coworking lifestyle? FUSE and Rally both offer referral programs to reward Nelnet associates for recommending candidates who ultimately become members. Nelnet associates are eligible for a percentage of the total rental amount received from the referred member. The referral incentive payments will be awarded to the referring associate through Nelnet Payroll. To be eligible, the associate referring the candidate must be an active Nelnet associate and employed at the time of the referral, the date the referred candidate becomes a member, and the date the incentive is paid out. Contact Lindsey Peterson at FUSE ( or Nicole Pribble at Rally ( for details on their referral programs.