With spring and summer recreational sports leagues right around the corner, Nelnet is standing ready to sponsor softball, volleyball, and other sports teams for our associates.

Nelnet values opportunities for associates to grow professionally, personally, and physically. In support of this, we fund the Recreational Sports Team Sponsorship program. Through this program, Nelnet sponsors sports or recreational activities that allow associates to participate in team activities outside of the workplace.

Nelnet sponsored four teams of associates last fall. Check out their stories below:

“Being on a Nelnet-sponsored team is a great reason to go outside and exercise while having a ton of fun with your coworkers. We are also clearly the best dressed team in the league.” – Grant Rogers, Video and Motion Graphics Designer

Basic Pitches 

“This is the fourth sand volleyball session that I have gotten together through Nelnet’s sponsorship program. So far, we’re standing at about a 50/50 for wins/losses, but we still have three weeks left though to turn it around. Playing on the team is a great way to stay active, and I also use it to help with my Wellnet updates!” – Rachel Zimmerman, Quality Results Specialist II

The Sandlot 

“We had a great season and won all six games, which put us in the top seat going into tournament! This men’s team has been around well before my time and it’s a great opportunity to get to know people from other departments within the company.” – Drew Stitham, Supervisor II

“N” Field Flyes 

“It’s been an awesome experience that I owe in large part to Nelnet’s team sponsorship benefit. Without it, I can’t say that we would’ve formed our volleyball team at all. We don’t have to worry about the registration fees, which can be pretty hefty at times.” – Johnny Rodriguez, Firstmark Trainer II