Nelnet Spark is a monthly event where innovators across the organization share new trends, insights, and developments throughout Nelnet’s different business lines. Spark gives associates the opportunity to bounce ideas off other unique minds and seek out new areas of potential success.

Each month at Spark, a chosen speaker gives a short presentation about innovation in their area of business. These presentations range from project updates to findings or insights gained from an event. After the presentation, time is reserved for Q&A and idea sharing with online and in-person attendees.

Spark presentations can focus on a wide variety of topics, and here are some past examples to get a better idea of how Spark works:

Sharing Innovative Ideas and Discussing Outstanding Opportunities – Nelnet Spark

The Crossroads of Should and Must, Elle Luna

At this Spark event, Elle Luna discusses her ideology behind an article that turned into a book, about the internal struggle of choosing between “Should” and “Must”. “Should” meaning what others want you to think, say, and do, vs. “Must” – who you are, what you believe, and how you act when you’re alone.

Process Automation, Bridget Lapham

In the Madison office, Bridget Lapham talks about her experience with process automation, the benefits of automation, and what processes are ideal candidates for automation. Process automation can save time and money, and it grants the ability to seamlessly integrate multiple systems.

Solar Energy, Matt Dunlap

Matt Dunlap explains how solar energy will fit into Nelnet’s diversification strategy, along with some benefits and incentives that come with solar investments. Renewable sources of energy are on the rise, and getting involved with solar projects is a great way for Nelnet to continue to innovate and expand.

Pursuing opportunities for diversification and growth is at the core of who we are, so giving Nelnet’s innovators a platform to discuss emerging business practices and technologies is a great way to stay oriented toward the future. Finding new ways to improve will always be encouraged and appreciated here.

Want to learn more about Nelnet Spark and the world of innovation? We’ve got you covered.