The Value of Volunteering: Why You Should Give Back

This week, Nelnet kicks off its annual United Way campaign. It’s an opportunity for Nelnet associates to give to their communities and help nonprofit organizations do amazing work. However, this campaign shouldn’t be the only time of year where giving back is a priority. There are plenty of reasons you should volunteer and help your fellow neighbors. For the sake of time, we’ll stick to our four favorites.

Build Connections and Make New Friends

New in town or just want to expand your social circle? Volunteering allows you to bond with people from all walks of life. Often, these relationships tend to be some of the strongest ones, because they’re built on the shared value of giving to others. Since you already have this in common, the ice is already broken! Now all that’s left is to meet your new best friends.

Gain Experience

For college students especially, volunteer work can pad resumes and build a foundation for future opportunities. In a world filled with competitive internships and jobs, the right volunteer opportunity can make you stand out to employers by showcasing your talents outside of the workplace.

In some instances, you can even find volunteer opportunities in your field of study, so you’ll get real-world experience and have the chance to learn a ton. While it’s important to volunteer without ulterior motives like career advancement, this is a really cool bonus.

You’ll Feel Great

If you’ve ever volunteered your time to help someone else, you already know that this reason is true. There’s something inherently gratifying and pure about lending a hand to those in need, especially when you do so expecting nothing in return. After spending time giving back to others, you’ll go to bed feeling satisfied, knowing that you’ve made an impact in someone’s life.

The World Needs Volunteers

Without dedicated volunteers and nonprofit organizations, the world would be much different than it is today. In the U.S. alone, there are about 63 million people who volunteer for their communities, but there are always unfilled opportunities and community members who need help. Put simply – to function properly, the world needs volunteers, and you can make a difference right away.

  • Fun Fact: One of Nelnet’s core values is “giving back to the communities in which we live and work,” so you could say we’re pretty fond of volunteering.

If you’re interested in volunteering, but aren’t sure where to start, try checking out this tool from United Way to help find opportunities in your community.

Giving back is important — that’s why we’ve made a commitment to support our communities and encourage our associates to do the same. Visit our “Giving Back” page to see how we do it.