Meet FaithWebsites

In 2007, two creative people found a better way for their churches to build and manage a website. We’ve evolved but our mission in our products is the same: easy, effective, affordable products for faith communities. We help you choose a design and bring it to life as you build a better online presence.

What We Do

We help you create a unique, engaging web presence with our custom sites and signature themes using our powerful solutions and helpful support team. Plus, we understand your budget concerns, so it’s affordable and easy for you to maintain.

What Our Customers Say

Having FaithWebsites available to our small Catholic community is a true blessing. It is both a professional marketing tool, as well as an efficient communications system for our existing parents.

Jean Marie
Our Lady of Assumption

Industries We Serve

In offering an affordable, effective, easy-to-use content management system and web presence that engages your ministry or nonprofit, FaithWebsites provides unmatched value to our partners and customers working within various industries.


A mission-driven organization with decades of working with faith-based K-12 schools and churches, Nelnet has extensive experience overcoming the unique challenges facing those who work in the religious sector.

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Now that you’ve seen the solutions we offer and what some of our FaithWebsites customers have to say about us, take a deeper dive. Learn more about who we are – and how engaging our services can help your organization thrive.

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