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Nelnet provides a cutting-edge solution that offers fully customizable loan origination backed by experts with proven ability to remain compliant and scale quickly. From application through disbursement, our white-label system disburses funds quickly, securely, and with an exceptional customer experience. Our system allows users to ask questions along the way and creates a customized loan origination experience, while also driving efficiencies for you.

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Use our entire suite of services, or choose just the services that meet your unique needs. Either way, our loan management solution leverages industry knowledge and experience that helps our clients exceed their customers’ expectations.

Contact Center

Use our scalable solution for high-quality customer service with measurable results. Our associates excel at delivering effective customer service in complex, regulated markets and using our white-label system to communicate your brand personality so you can grow positive customer relationships.

Application Processing

Our flexible, white-label solution provides quality processing supported by a trusted partner. With an architecture compatible with any system, our proven solution exceeds your operational and technical requirements, scaling and adapting to complex programs and producing premier customer outcomes.

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Now that you know a cutting-edge solution is offered by experts with proven ability to scale, create your own fully customized, white-label loan origination experience to drive efficiencies for your organization.

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Industries We Serve

In offering decades of trusted expertise and a secure, efficient loan origination solution with an exceptional user experience, Nelnet provides unmatched value to our partners and customers working within various industries.

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Nelnet provides valuable solutions across multiple business lines. We invite you to explore our brands related to loan origination.

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