Firstmark Services

With decades of expertise, Firstmark Services offers an unmatched consumer loan experience. We proudly manage $16.3 billion in private education and consumer loans for 701,000 borrowers. As a loan originator and investment-grade rated servicer, we commit ourselves to safety, reliability, and positive customer experiences.

Our innovative solutions allow you to focus on your core business and perform at your highest level.

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Get to market quickly and competitively with Firstmark Services’ reliable origination system that scales to accommodate growing loan bases.

Loan Servicing

Customize our flexible, adaptive technology for unique programs and consumer bases. Our intuitive, scalable system maintains excellent service while allowing for speed to market.

Backup Servicing

We manage risk through strict compliance and a solution-oriented infrastructure.

Technology Solutions

Our client-branded applications provide seamless loan experience and software delivers customer-focused programs for organizations that lack loan processing and servicing technology.


With agency, lead generation, and contact center services, we help businesses reach customers with tailored messages in the right channels.

Customer Service

Our passion for positive end-user experiences and doing what’s right fuels everything we do.

Portfolio Performance

We help borrowers avoid loan delinquency and guide them on the path to financial wellness.