Consumer Services

With decades of industry knowledge and experience, we offer advanced technology and intuitive services to our clients — banks and credit unions, online lenders, fintechs, state agencies, and non-profits — allowing them to perform at the highest levels for their unique loan products, markets, and goals.

We put our clients and their customers first. We prioritize scalability, efficiency, consistency in service delivery, and flexibility in our platforms. Based on solid experience in compliance and risk management, we deftly navigate complex regulations. We value customers, anticipate their needs, and exceed their expectations.

API First. Flexible. Cloud Based.

Nelnet Velocity™ is built to deliver a wide range of solutions to meet and exceed your operational and technical requirements. 

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We use our deep industry knowledge, technology investments, and voice of customer insights to drive solution improvements to achieve results. Our responsive, seamless, and customized solutions empower you to have the freedom and flexibility to best serve your customers.

Loan Application Processing

Our loan application processing solution provides flexibility for you to manage all types of loan programs. It's reliable, secure, and highly configurable so you can easily handle your growing loan base.

Loan Servicing

Our customizable loan servicing solution is an effective, efficient way to service your portfolio. We have a proven history of helping our partners succeed.

Backup Servicing

We're a trusted and stable servicer, here to support management of your serviced assets over their full lifetime. Rely on our experience — we’re here if you need us.


We're a proven partner who can offer you flexible, innovative technology with reduced risk, cost savings, and an optimal customer experience.

Contact Center

We offer high-quality, fully integrated customer service and support and the option to feature your brand. Our passion for great end-user experiences drives us.

Processing Support

With decades of experience helping our clients boost program efficiency and effectiveness, we use a data-driven approach to improve your back-office processing.

Operational Improvement

We help our clients scale quickly and cost-effectively, while maintaining quality and minimizing risk in highly regulated areas, to allow them to focus on portfolio growth.

Business Performance

Our strategic, proactive approach to improving business performance uses key insights and best practices to help you improve your bottom line.

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Creating a Culture of Accessibility

Turn your accessibility program into something truly great by establishing a culture that welcomes and accepts the responsibility of ensuring accessibility.

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Join the NoCode Movement

New tools are making technology and innovation accessible to everyone.

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Microservices Approach

We can configure our platforms to seamlessly fit any financial services product.

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