Government Services

Government programs are well-known for their incredible scope and complexity. As one of the country’s largest and most successful student loan servicers working closely with the U.S. Department of Education, you can rely on us to scale quickly, adhere to strict program requirements and regulations, and deliver highly rated customer service using the strength of technical and operational teams with deep industry knowledge and experience in highly regulated markets.

Our modern, purpose-built technology has proven success and supports integration into the larger government services ecosystem. We have the best platform, processes, and people, providing the foundation to effectively support government agencies.

Partner in Alignment with Government Agencies

We are committed to serving government agencies at the state and federal level. We have a proven track record of working in close collaboration to improve the user experience for federal student loan borrowers and other customers.


We hold a deep understanding of government services and all the components that make it successful. We believe trusted relationships, innovative thinking, proven technologies, processing efficiencies, compliance focus, and — maybe most importantly — top-rated customer service are just a few things to consider in this complex industry.

Contact Center

Our caring contact center staff is program-trained in the customer journey, and new staff joins our customer-focused culture using proven training methods.

Loan Servicing

Our reliable, scalable loan servicing solution offers an effective and efficient way to service the federal loan portfolio. We have a track record of success, all while reducing cost and risk.


Our proven technical solutions comply with National Institute of Standards and Technology guidelines. Purpose-built by federal student loan experts, our NIST-compliant solutions are secure and capable of scaling quickly.

Loan Application Processing

Our flexible solution processes applications for many programs, including the highly complex Direct Consolidation Loan. It's reliable, secure, and easily configured to handle a growing loan base.

Processing Support

We have the proven ability to improve your back-office processes for faster, more accurate operations to best serve your customers.

Operational Improvement

We help our clients scale quickly and cost-effectively, while maintaining quality and minimizing risk in highly regulated areas, to allow them to focus on portfolio growth.

Experience You Can Trust

We've Done It All

From servicing to systems to support, and everything in between, we truly know federal services inside and out.

We're Here for You

You set the terms — we're flexible and can partner with you for as much, or as little, as you want.

We're Here for Your Customers

The customer experience we provide is second to none. That applies to your customers when you work with us — because your customers are our customers.

Learn More About Our Experience

Reach out for more information about how we've supported federal loan servicing for the last decade.



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