Subscriber Acquisition

At Nelnet, we’ll work closely with you to fully define a subscriber acquisition strategy that supports fully subscribed community solar projects.

We meet timelines, adhere to subscriber qualification requirements, and follow applicable consumer laws and regulations, all while developing and maintaining a robust waitlist to ensure full subscription rates.

We achieve this by leveraging our extensive marketing and customer experience design expertise to create a highly effective customer acquisition plan aligned with your community solar project needs.

Marketing Capabilities

Through our sophisticated, multi-channel marketing efforts, we can achieve continuous 100% subscription rates, including a robust waitlist.

Strategic Planning

First, we work with you to create a strategic marketing plan that defines your needs and requirements and lays out our targeted multi-channel marketing campaign. Our campaign will feature a mix of public relations, traditional marketing, and digital marketing tactics.

Marketing Execution

We have a dedicated marketing team supporting subscriber acquisition. We deliver targeted marketing materials across multiple channels, directing prospective subscribers to engaging content promoting community solar usage, details about community solar, and — most importantly — a clear way to subscribe.

Marketing materials also address the wide range of questions potential subscribers may have about community solar, such as how it works, how it benefits the environment, the savings they may earn, and the billing processes.

Subscriber Portal

Our subscriber portal is the entry point into the subscriber onboarding process that integrates with our community solar management platform. The portal supports confirmation of geographic eligibility, credit verification, and the collection of utility company details to qualify prospective subscribers.

Progress Reporting

To keep you well informed of the project status, we regularly deliver a robust set of progress reports, based on detailed subscriber information and success milestones. You can use this information to satisfy your financial partners’ reporting and documentation needs throughout the community solar project life cycle.


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Supporting renewable energy with our highly effective community solar subscriber acquisition and management.

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