Subscriber Management and Support

Nelnet is committed to expanding renewable energy use by helping solar developers connect with homeowners, renters, businesses, and other entities who are looking for accessible and affordable energy options. Our approach to subscriber management leverages Nelnet’s core strengths, developed over the course of 40 years servicing student loans.

Our end-to-end operational solution includes contact center services, billing, utility management, payment processing, and a developer management platform for portfolio oversight.


Nelnet provides a trusted, end-to-end operational solution for exceptional client support throughout the duration of the agreement.

Contact Center

We offer high-touch, multichannel support to educate, manage, and retain subscribers. Our dedicated agents execute targeted engagement campaigns, provide online portal support, and respond to inquiries through multiple channels, including phone, email, and social media. Our fully integrated customer relationship management system enables thorough sales prospecting, as well as issue tracking and delinquency resolution.


Leveraging decades of experience in payment processing and operational support, our solution is designed to maximize client revenue, streamline processes, and ensure financial integrity. Our team oversees subscriber allocations and reporting with the goal of maximizing savings to the subscriber and revenue to the developer.

Utility Management and Support

Our dedicated utility liaisons partner with each utility company to ensure compliance with state-specific requirements, complete set-up tasks, execute on agreements, and resolve any issues that may arise. The liaisons also establish and maintain seamless billing service integration with our financial accounting team.

Payment Processing

To streamline financial settlement processes and ensure financial integrity, Nelnet relies on decades of success managing student loans — a servicing portfolio of $477.4 billion. Our highly secure payment processing solution protects subscribers’ bank account and credit card data, and ensures adherence to consumer protection laws.

Enrollment and Management Platform

Custom built for the community solar market, our solution focuses on engaging subscribers, simplifying payments, and tracking credits for timely and accurate billing. The platform is comprised of four major components that support residential enrollment, ongoing subscriber engagement and payment processing, subscriber management, and portfolio manager oversight and reporting.


Nelnet partners with organizations in a range of industries, from both public and private sectors. We deliver premier technical and operational solutions to help you transform the way you do business.

Renewable Energy

Supporting renewable energy with our highly effective community solar subscriber acquisition and management.

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