Allo Communications (ALLO), a Nebraska-based telecommunications company offering fiber communications and entertainment services including broadband internet, phone, and TV is proud to be celebrating 15 years of providing world-class communications services to businesses across Nebraska.

“We started ALLO in 2003 because we believed that our communities – and the businesses that power them – deserved more from their communications providers,” stated Brad Moline, ALLO President. “From faster internet speed and sharper video quality, to clearer phone service and friendlier customer support, we give our customers more because we know they deserve it.”

ALLO specializes in fiber broadband services including access to internet speeds faster than one gigabit per second and reliable, crystal-clear voice services providing a superior experience for all business customers – big and small. In addition to unprecedented speeds, ALLO business customers also enjoy easy installation, unparalleled reliability, and friendly, responsive customer service with same-day dispatch. Today, ALLO provides communications services to nine Midwest communities including recent additions Hastings, Neb. and Fort Morgan, Colo.

According to Chad Adams, President of Adams Bank & Trust, partnering with ALLO benefits not only the bank’s communications, but also its bottom line. “We’ve been an ALLO customer almost 15 years. Until ALLO came in, we were at a competitive disadvantage. All of a sudden, we were able to overdeliver on promises to our customers. Not only could we compete with ALLO, we could win.”

In the coming months, ALLO looks to meet even more business needs with the addition of a direct connection to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. This will allow business customers access to services like backup disaster recovery, virtual workspaces, web hosting, and more. Plus, the company’s Software-Defined Wide-Area Networks (WANs) and new long-distance calling package will enable businesses to better connect locally and around the world.

Moline further expressed his enthusiasm at the opportunities that lie ahead for ALLO and its fiber technology. “Fiber technology has revolutionized the way we connect our homes and businesses. At ALLO, we’re literally moving data at the speed of light. We’re looking forward and thinking big so our customers and our communities don’t get left behind. We’re investing in communities by enriching their businesses and bringing them into the fiber future.”

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