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From small nonprofits to education organizations to rapidly growing businesses, millions of ventures around the world depend on a safe, reliable way to process financial transactions. That’s what Nelnet Payment Services is all about. We process billions of dollars of transactions every year, so we know how to help you reach for bigger goals.

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Partnering closely with every client is our key to creating so many success stories. So whatever your organization needs to succeed, we’re here to help.

Do you need help managing your federal student loan serviced by Nelnet?

To reach Nelnet Loan Servicing for help managing your student loans, visit our new website https://nelnet.studentaid.gov or call 888.486.4722.

Visit Site : Do you need help managing your federal student loan serviced by Nelnet?

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Meet Our Leaders

Everything we do is driven by a team with decades of expertise in payment technologies.

Becky Pollock

President of Nelnet Payment Services

with Nelnet since 2001

As a former CFO of Nelnet Business Services (NBS) with 10 years of CPA experience, Becky now serves as President of Nelnet Payment Services where she provides leadership for sales, product and technology, client support, and compliance for payment processing services like ACH/direct debit and credit cards. Her work at Nelnet includes many acquisitions and investments, including Tuition Management System, RenWeb, PSAS, DIA, UniLink USA and Australia, PC Schools, and Aware3. Away from work, Becky loves to bake and cook for her husband and two children and escapes to a beach vacation whenever the opportunity arises.

John Arp

IT Managing Director

with Nelnet since 2005

John has nearly 40 years of hands-on experience working in finance and technology – in the US and abroad. During that time, he has built highly effective organizations, systems, and platforms across the banking, insurance, and credit card industries, while also serving as an advisor to payments companies. As an early adopter of cloud technologies, John continues to advocate for the role of distributed, asynchronous systems in the global payments environment. Born in Nebraska, John and his family split time between Omaha and Seattle. They enjoy traveling, seeking out new experiences, and exploring the world.

Angela Nielsen

Manager of Product Development

with Nelnet since 2011

Angela is an Accredited ACH Professional, Accredited Payments Risk Professional, and a Certified Payments Professional, with over a decade of experience serving the education and nonprofit space. For Nelnet, she works to define and realize the product roadmap, focusing on the development of integrated payment and billing systems serving customers in the US and internationally. She is an active member of the NACHA Payments Innovation Alliance, a participant in the EPCOR Third Party Sender Committee, and has a passion for powering the payments that help organizations serve their mission. Based in Omaha, she enjoys spending free time with family and friends, cooking with her husband, and spoiling their pets.

Jerad Changstrom

IT Director

with Nelnet since 2012

With a bachelor’s degree in information systems and an MBA providing an advanced understanding of the business landscape, Jerad has worked in IT for 20 years. He has experience across a range of sectors including service providing, health care, education, and finance. Outside of work, Jerad is constantly on the move with six kids participating in dance, gymnastics, baseball, basketball, swimming, and more. His passions include fitness, hiking, traveling, and restoring his ’77 Corvette with his kids.

Canice Kobus

Director of Client Services

with Nelnet since 2014

Canice has worked in the financial and payments industries for over 40 years with a focus on client relationships. At Nelnet, she manages the client services team, responsible for building successful client experiences with partners and merchants. With a focus on creating long-term relationships, she’s constantly listening to client needs and providing the tools, resources, and support they need to grow their business while maintaining revenue goals. In an email-driven work environment, Canice encourages her team to pick up the phone and enjoy the two-fold satisfaction that comes from a good conversation with a client. Off the clock, she is an avid golden doodle lover – with a passion for pooches of all sizes, ages, and colors.

Karen Markey

Director of Compliance & Client Services

with Nelnet since 2015

Karen brings over 30 years of financial and payments processing experience to her role as Director of Compliance & Client Services. She drives the development, implementation, and maintenance of appropriate oversight and governance mechanisms aligned to the regulatory risk of the company, and is responsible for the enforcement of policies, procedures, and programs designed to minimize regulatory compliance risk. As a theatre enthusiast, Karen and her family grasp every opportunity to take it to Omaha’s vibrant live theater scene.

Jeralee Hahn

Director of Marketing Strategy

with Nelnet since 2014

With over 8 years of working in the payments and financial industries, Jeralee understands that communication is crucial to understanding this fast-moving world. Driven by a passion for user experience combined with strategic communications, she takes pride in providing clear, honest, and fun experiences for clients and partners. Jeralee has spoken at American Marketing Association events providing expertise on marketing with customer management software and audience persona used for marketing personalization. Jeralee is a native of Nebraska and enjoys running, being outdoors, and experiencing life through the eyes of her two young children.

Dan Farnworth

Director of Accounting & Finance

with Nelnet since 2020

Dan has been working in the payments industry for over 2 years, with prior experience in manufacturing, retail, and real estate markets. He obtained his CPA after graduating from Case Western Reserve University with a passion for helping others make their career and educational dreams possible. Dan is originally from Cleveland, Ohio and currently resides in Lincoln, Nebraska with his wife and kids. He enjoys snowboarding, camping, cooking, and serving his local church with friends and family.

There’s Partnership Behind Every Payment

Payment processing is often complex – but it doesn’t have to be. We partner with you from initial onboarding through ongoing year-after-year support, so you have a partner every step of the way.

We Bring the Truth

Our integrity, instincts, and experience make this a certainty. We realize that long-standing relationships are built on trust and must be earned. We hold ourselves to high expectations. We are honest with each other and our clients in all we do.

We Shake Things Up

We never – ever – rest on our laurels. We think working hard to reach a new plateau feels great and “hanging out” for too long makes us restless. What can we say? Challenging ourselves and having a “be the change” mindset is just a part of our basic DNA.

We’ve Got Heart

It’s a mix of drive, gratitude, and empathy – one of those blends that leaves a positive impression without begging for the spotlight. We choose to be here for each other and our clients – in the good times and not-so-good times.

Industries We Serve

We deliver secure payment solutions that open new doors for schools, churches, nonprofit organizations, and businesses around the world.

Do you need help managing your federal student loan serviced by Nelnet?

To reach Nelnet Loan Servicing for help managing your student loans, visit our new website https://nelnet.studentaid.gov or call 888.486.4722.

Visit Site : Do you need help managing your federal student loan serviced by Nelnet?

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