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We’re a team of IT professionals looking for the best talent to join our team. We’re hiring professionals across a variety of platforms to join our team and be part of building and enhancing products for our parent company, Nelnet (NYSE: NNI). Our team, based in the Philippines is committed to finding the best local talent and cultivating a rich culture for our local team. We’ll also partner closely with our counterparts at headquarters. We’re seeking developers, project managers, and QA professionals experienced with application development in Java, .NET, Ruby, Angular, Python, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL, Mobile Apps, AWS, Github, and more.

Our team will be working with Nelnet Business Services companies across the education, nonprofit, and religious industries to create world-class technology and user experiences.

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About Nelnet

Nelnet, Inc.(NYSE: NNI), headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, is a diverse company with a focus on delivering education-related products and services and student loan asset management. The largest operating businesses engage in student loan servicing, tuition payment processing and school information systems, and communications. A significant portion of the Company’s revenue is net interest income earned on a portfolio of federally insured student loans. The Company also makes investments to further diversify the Company both within and outside of its historical core education-related businesses, including, but not limited to, investments in real estate and start-up ventures. Substantially all revenue from external customers is earned, and all long-lived assets are located, in the United States. With 6,500 associates around the world and growing, Nelnet works wherever superior customer experiences and ingenuity are needed.

Nelnet operates in four distinct business segments:

  1. Nelnet Business Services

    Payment technology, school administration software, and community management solutions for K-12 schools, higher education institutions, churches, and businesses across the globe. Brands in this segment include FACTS, Nelnet Campus Commerce, Nelnet Payment Services, Aware3, Catholic Faith Technologies, and CD2 Learning.

  2. Nelnet Communications Services

    Connects homes and businesses in Nebraska and Colorado with fiber internet, TV, and phone services. ALLO is the brand in this segment.

  3. Nelnet Diversified Services

    As an experienced, trusted partner offering premier professional services, We’re here to support your customers with outstanding service and provide flexible, innovative technology solutions. Whatever the need, we’ll help you transform the way you do business. Nelnet Consumer Services, Nelnet Technology Services, Nelnet Business Process Outsourcing, Nelnet Renewable Energy, Nelnet Federal Student Loan Services, and ScholarNet are brands that operate in Nelnet Diversified Services.

  4. Nelnet Financial Services

    Nelnet Financial Services offers private student loans, student loan refinancing, and life and disability insurance to assist students and families. Nelnet Bank and Benefit Ed are the brands that fall within Nelnet Financial Services.

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