We Live to Serve Others

At Nelnet, our purpose is to serve our customers, associates and communities, and make dreams possible. Because we believe doing good business means more than making money—it means making a difference.

Nelnet Serves with Purpose

Good companies don’t happen by chance. They’re founded with purpose, led with integrity, governed with care, and focused on the long term. We live to serve others and make their dreams possible. Achieving that goal requires a fair, independent governance framework that reflects our diversity, recognizes our challenges, and respects all stakeholders. We’re working together to live our mission and realize our vision.

Nelnet Serves People

We believe in serving those who serve others. Associates are the lifeblood of Nelnet. They’re who transform service from an idea into an experience. It’s vital to us that our people are supported – personally, professionally, financially, and physically. We must impact their lives just as they impact the lives of our customers. Serving isn’t just our purpose – it’s a promise.

Nelnet Serves the Planet

In a world of differences, one thing unites us all: our planet. For something that plays such an enormous role in our lives, it’s often taken for granted. We’re taking real steps to ensure the responsible use of its resources and build a more sustainable future. We commit to leaving the world a better place for the generations who follow us. We’re prepared to do our part – and encourage others to do the same.

Nelnet Serves for Prosperity

We’re a service company in the people business. Nelnet was founded with one purpose: to serve. Why do we serve? Simple: to power people’s potential and enrich their lives. We have the unique opportunity and ability to make the world a better, more prosperous place where everyone has a chance to fulfill their dreams. We have the power to make a difference – and we do.

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