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Backup servicing is a critical assurance to your financial partners that serviced assets will be fine if the primary servicer’s situation changes. Nelnet has over 40 years of servicing and compliance success in highly regulated industries. For over a decade, we have provided great reliability, expertise, and service in our role as a backup servicer. Get the high level of security you need and the exceptional service we’re known for delivering.

Our Offerings

Use our entire suite of services, or choose just the services that meet your unique needs. Either way, our backup servicing solution leverages industry knowledge and experience that helps our clients exceed their customers’ expectations.

Verification Processing

Our flexible, white-label solution provides quality processing supported by a trusted partner. With an architecture compatible with any system, our proven solution exceeds your operational and technical requirements, scaling and adapting to complex programs and producing premier customer outcomes.

Backup Servicing Options

As a proven, stable servicer capable of providing end-to-end needs, we offer a range of backup servicing arrangements to meet your needs. Through a thorough review of your business, we’ll determine gaps, estimate timelines, and ensure we’re the best possible fit to be your backup servicer.

Explore Flexible Servicing and Processing Options

Discuss the full range of processing and servicing options available with our backup solution or select only those you need. When you partner with a proven, reliable expert known for meeting complex program requirements and delivering exceptional service, you know we’ll have your back.

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Industries We Serve

In offering great reliability, expertise, and exceptional service along with flexible backup servicing arrangements to meet diverse needs, Nelnet provides unmatched value to our partners and customers working within various industries.

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Nelnet provides valuable solutions across multiple business lines. We invite you to explore our brands related to backup servicing.

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