Exploring Innovation

Innovation is about seeing the world differently and solving practical problems that need to be solved. It begins with developing a culture of learning and unlearning. It begins with exploration. Nelnet’s director of innovation Brian Ardinger reveals ways to accelerate your exploration efforts — and reap big rewards.


Virtual Church 101

Go virtual with confidence. Learn how to quickly bring your virtual church to life in the midst of coronavirus.


A Tech CEO's 5 Predictions About the Future of Church and Tech

A founder of Aware3 makes predictions about how technology will impact the church in the coming decade.


Digital Transformation Opportunities for Local Councils

Councils are under pressure to be more efficient and cost-effective - and to deliver services to increasingly sophisticated and tech-savvy customers.


Digital Transformation Trends in Higher Education

We discuss four building blocks that are at the foundation of a successful technology-driven transformation in higher education to meet evolving needs.


Keeping Your School Communities Connected

Widespread school shutdowns made clear the importance of staying connected. We explored three key ways to do so effectively.


Building a Best-in-Class School Software Ecosystem

The system you build should be flexible, intuitive, and support the seamless integration of all aspects of school management.


How Vosaic Supports ISTE Standards 

The International Society for Technology in Education sets the standard for the use of technology in teaching and learning. We review how Vosaic supports their standards.

Case Study

Farrells Bookshop

Explore how online bookshop management improved operations for this bookshop at its prominent corner position on Mornington’s Main Street.