Ways to Pay for College in a Pandemic

COVID-19 brought a host of new challenges when it comes to paying for college. We explore them.


Advantages Solar Tax Equity Investments Offer Banks and Corporates Today

In today's challenging economic environment, existing bond portfolios are experiencing significant markdowns. Nelnet Director of Tax Equity Capital Markets Jon Miller explores how solar tax equity investments offer several advantages for investors looking for alternatives.


High Tech, Fully Human: Nelnet Payment Services Support

Trevor Augustin, client services specialist, still laughs at the best compliment he’s ever received on the job.


5 Reasons You’ll Love Our New Signup Tool

Our handcrafted application process is easy-to-use for your customers and quick to get customers accepting payments. Here are a few reasons we love our new signup tool and think you will too.


New ACH Web Debit Validation

The National Automated Clearing House Association (or if you like acronyms, NACHA) is now requiring any new, first-time payments from an account to be validated before accepting the first payment made. We’re implementing this in our system effective on September 1, 2021.


Going to Graduate School? Options for Managing Undergraduate Student Loan Debt

There are many decisions when it comes to graduate school. One of them is deciding how to manage your education debt.


Online Bookstore Advantages

In today’s digital era – and compounded by COVID-19 – the importance of an online presence for your bookstore is greater than ever before


Ransomware in Higher Education 

Ransomware accounted for approximately 80% of incidents reported in higher education in 2019 – and cybercrime increased even more in 2020.

Case Study

Virginia Tech Sustains PCI Compliance 

Compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is particularly difficult for campuses, but we helped Virginia Tech sustain compliance.