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The Nelnet experience is unmatched.

More Than Student Loans

Yes, we’re a student loan servicer. But that’s not all. Nelnet is an education expert, renewable energy advocate, and fiber internet pioneer (just to name a few). We’re also dedicated to serving your career – even if it doesn’t lead here. At Nelnet, you aren’t “just an intern”. You’re a professional. With these opportunities, you’ll be treated like it.

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IT Internships

Launch your IT career at a Fortune 1000 company and work with the best and brightest in the industry. We hire IT development interns throughout the year. User experience design, software development, web accessibility, application security – wherever your interests lie, you’ll be a valued member of the team.

Traditional Internship

In-depth experiences starting day one – with the potential for full-time hours during the summer. You’ll work on impactful projects in departments like accounting, corporate recruiting, innovation, marketing, finance, and more. You will also receive the opportunity to participate in professional development events designed specifically for our interns.

Pathway Program

Still trying to decide which field you want to pursue? As a Pathway intern, you’ll spend a full academic year rotating through multiple Nelnet departments to define your career path and discover new interests. And who knows? That path could involve a traditional internship or a full-time position down the road.

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Featured Benefits and Perks

Get Paid

Unpaid internships aren’t a thing here. You’ll earn real money for doing real work.

Flexible Work Hours

Flexible Hours

We’ll help you build a schedule that works for you and your new team.

Casual Dress Environment

Casual Dress

Jeans, tees, and Nelnet swag are the norm here (but you can dress it up if you want).

Wellness Program

Full access to exercise routines and diet tips – plus, you could earn an extra $100 per quarter for completing wellness challenges.

401(k) and Loan Repayment Program

401(k) Match

After six months, you’ll start earning 401(k) contributions – and we’ll even match them.



You’ll have the opportunity to network with and learn skills from talented teams who know their stuff.

Nelnet Internship FAQ

  • We started in Lincoln, Neb. as a student loan servicer. Today, we’re the largest servicer in the country – but we’ve grown to be even more. We’re an innovator, payment processor, startup accelerator, and fiber internet pioneer. With 6,500+ associates in 30 communities across the globe, we’re dedicated to serving others.

  • While Nelnet will continue serving student loan borrowers, one of our core values is to pursue opportunities for diversification and growth. That means actively investing in each of our business lines and innovating to bring new products and businesses to market that match our areas of expertise. Check out each of our divisions – Nelnet Business Services, Nelnet Communications Services, Nelnet Diversified Services, and Nelnet Financial Services – to explore many of Nelnet’s business lines.

  • While it depends on your department and manager, we want you to have an awesome internship experience without sacrificing your education. Intern schedules are generally flexible and agreed upon by an intern and their mentor.

  • As an intern, you will work on projects relevant to your business line, network with professionals and other interns, and participate in job shadowing. Depending on your field of study, you can also craft copy, write code, perform research, or help create process improvements to benefit your department.

  • Authenticity and respect. If you receive a Nelnet internship, you’ve earned it for a reason. You’ll complete real, impactful projects while receiving support, mentorship, and feedback from your mentor.

    Plus, our leadership team (all the way up to the CEO) is invested in your development. They’re happy to meet with interns to answer questions, discuss business ideas, or chat about career paths.

  • While so much has changed in the life of students during the current pandemic, Nelnet is committed to providing the same sentiment to our intern program that we always have. Depending on the role, you can likely expect to work remotely, receiving Nelnet technology to help effectively complete your tasks.

    Additionally, you will work with a supportive and virtually-present team to transition into your internship with ease. Whatever the case – internship opportunities will remain available and the interview and on-boarding process will occur virtually. We’re in this together!

The mentors here taught me a lot about how to apply all that I’ve learned in college. I’m so thankful for my time here.


Former Pathway Intern

The teams I worked on were (and still are) incredibly supportive and helpful in developing my software engineering skills.


Former Software Development Intern

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