Through our ever-growing Pathway Program, over 120 interns have expanded their network to align with their interests – while many discovered their passion along the way.

Rotating between several departments during the academic year, you’ll commit to working on diverse teams and receiving mentorship from our company’s top contributors. All students will be considered for this opportunity, but we’re most interested in speaking with current college sophomores looking to explore distinct business areas during their junior year of school.

Program Structure

Choose one of three dynamic tracks uniquely designed to elevate the skills of your desired profession. Each track provides the opportunity to innovate, think independently, and contribute to real work on real teams. Interns are expected to work 15-20 hours a week to gain the most value from the program.

Business + Innovation

We’re innovators at heart, and entrepreneurs in practice. In the Business + Innovation track, put your creativity and strategic thinking skills to practice by owning and managing projects, conducting valuable research, and curating content relevant to your department.

Rotation Examples:

  • Online Help and Communications
  • Global Training
  • People Services (HR)
  • Risk Management
  • Corporate Communications
  • Quality Assurance
  • Product Management
  • Marketing
  • Vosaic (startup business)
  • BenefitEd (startup business)

Through the Pathway Program, I was able to work on projects I wanted to work on, which was empowering for me as an intern. My mentors were supportive and knowledgeable, which was reassuring, but they also gave me the creative space to fine tune skills on my own. I’m so grateful for that balance – especially working remotely.

Headshot of Lauren Tritch

Lauren Tritch

I valued the independence and trust I was given to work through different projects in my time with the Pathway Program. This made me feel like a valued member of the team and allowed me to contribute meaningful work. It never even felt like work – and every day I built up new and existing skills while finding new ways to approach challenges.

Grant Loudenback headshot

Grant Loudenback

Finance + Investments

Nelnet holds investments in startup businesses, real estate, solar energy, and beyond. In the Finance + Investments track, work with full-time teams in process automation, annual financial planning, creation of dynamic reports through Power BI, advanced analytics, month-end analysis, or audits.

Rotation examples:

  • Venture Capital
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Corporate Tax
  • Internal Audit
  • U-fi from Nelnet
  • ALLO Finance


We love investing in tech. Problem solving, adaptability, and a commitment to tackling challenges are crucial skills in the Technology track. Interns will own tasks, are expected to learn various tech stacks, and must leverage agile technology practices to support Nelnet products and business lines.

Rotation examples:

  • PaymentSpring
  • Nelnet Bank
  • BenefitEd

Through the Pathway Program I got to work with different types of technologies in production environment, from web development to DevOps, and gain valuable experience working with a dev team in an agile environment. This internship taught me to divide and conquer complex problems, which improved my confidence in solving challenging obstacles for the future.

Jayson Cheng headshot

Jayson Cheng

The Experience


Pathway interns will work within multiple teams within Nelnet – rotating through a variety departments, adding value to projects already in place or creating new ones to manage yourself. In addition, you will collaborate with other interns to complete projects based on real business scenarios Nelnet faces today.

With a wide variety of events like periodic Lunch-n-Learns, networking events, and mentorship opportunities – expect to keep in touch with other departments and learn from their diverse experiences.

To make the most out of your Pathway Program experience, we invite you to:

  • Be energized to work both independently and in a team-based environment.
  • Engage in and maximize various professional and community-building opportunities.
  • Be comfortable adapting to multiple rotations throughout the academic year.
  • Show interest in sharing new ideas, managing time efficiently, and welcoming feedback.


Our mentors are committed to leveraging your professional goals and current strengths to include you on real work during your time in their department. You can expect to work alongside various mentors throughout the program – broadening your network and receiving the support you deserve.

Being a Pathway mentor, to me, means dedicating my time to molding the minds of tomorrow. It means being intentional in every interaction, and doing my best to develop them professionally and personally. While I thoroughly enjoy creating a story with numbers, I would have to say the best part about my job is working with our interns and team members, and watching them explore their passions.

Dan Farnworth headshot

Dan Farnworth

Finance + Investments Mentor

I get so excited to welcome new Pathway interns to our team because I know I’m going to be meeting a very intelligent, capable student who has a drive to grow and learn. My goal is to help them learn as much as they can through their assigned projects and one on one mentor meetings. Working with students also gives me the opportunity to stay current with what is being taught in the classroom and any new tools or methods that might help us in the business world. I really appreciate how much I am able to learn from them!

Raquel Roberts headshot

Raquel Roberts

Business + Innovation Mentor


Pathway interns will walk away from the program with life-long skills and a diverse network. No matter which track you choose, Nelnet’s core value of creating an awesome work environment is at the forefront of the Pathway Program – showcased throughout our benefits.

Employee Referral Bonuses

Cohort Style

With more than 20 interns in each Pathway Program class, Pathways share similar experiences and bond quickly to form a unique community.

Build your Resume with Nelnet Internships


We're all about empowering our interns, so we prioritize your preferences for what projects you want to work on and own.

Grow with Nelnet

Based on the networks you build and connections you make, you have the opportunity to carry on your experience with Nelnet post-Pathway Program. In fact, historically, over 50% of our Pathways have been hired at Nelnet in varying roles after the program concludes!

Special Events

If you're not having a good time, we’re doing something wrong. We organize fun and interactive events including Lunch-n-Learns, community building, and speed networking to foster the awesome culture we’re committed to.

Remote Aspect

A virtual experience, reimagined. We’ve mastered recreating our awesome work culture into an online environment and we promise you’re a crucial contributor in making it a success. We are excited to expand the Pathway Program to candidates nationwide, whether a Nelnet location is in your city or not. Our goal is for interns to feel welcome and valued, whether they’re in the physical office or online space. As a remote intern, you can expect the following:

  • Nation-wide collaboration and networking.
  • Flexibility of workspace and schedule.
  • Swag boxes.
  • Campus Recruiting and Program Support.
  • Necessary Technology.

Please note: The 2021-2022 program is currently projected to begin as a virtual experience, but our hope is to have eligible interns on site when Nelnet locations reopen. If you are not near a physical location, please expect the entirety of the internship to be virtual.

Application and Hiring Process

Interested in applying? Check out our hiring process below to see if the timeline aligns with your professional goals! Please email any questions to

  1. Applications open in February.

  2. Applications close in March.

  3. Virtual interview in March.

  1. Expected offer date March 24.

  2. Internship begins August 2021.

  3. Internship ends May 2022.

  4. Expected offer date in March.

  5. Internship begins August 2021.

  6. Internship ends May 2022.