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We provide an intuitive, comprehensive, self-service borrower experience that supports successful repayment and satisfied customers. With advanced technology that allows for fully customizable loan servicing to reflect your brand, you can trust us to reduce your risk and cost. We support all types of loan programs, onboard loans in real time, and minimize setup time with custom configuration for a truly state-of-the-art experience.

Our Offerings

Use our entire suite of services, or choose just the services that meet your unique needs. Either way, our consumer loan servicing solution leverages industry knowledge and experience that helps our clients exceed their customers’ expectations.

Contact Center

Use our scalable solution for high-quality customer service with measurable results. Our associates excel at delivering effective customer service in complex, regulated markets and using our white-label system to communicate your brand personality so you can grow positive customer relationships.


Our flexible, white-label solution provides quality processing supported by a trusted partner. With an architecture compatible with any system, our proven solution exceeds your operational and technical requirements, scaling and adapting to complex programs and producing premier customer outcomes.

Payment Management

Provide your customers with payment flexibility, however they'd like to pay and on their schedule. We can help you effectively manage and oversee all transactions with proven audit and internal controls to simplify financial oversight and reconciliation for you.

Delinquency Prevention

We’ve provided premier contact center support for businesses by developing expertise across the complex, highly regulated student and consumer loan industries. We use a proven delinquency prevention framework and best practices that limit collection costs and improve customer outcomes.

Default Management

Rehabilitating defaulted loans is a special skill. Our team of experts knows how to help overwhelmed customers understand the benefits of restoring their account to good standing and will work with them on taking steps to get there.

Skip Tracing

Evoking a response from customers can be difficult. And, with ever more stringent restrictions on contacting customers, compliance is a concern. Trust our experts to keep you compliant while exploring next-level strategies for customers who haven’t responded to your calls, emails, and letters.

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Now that you’ve seen our flexible consumer loan servicing solution, take a deeper dive. Learn more about how you can leverage our customizable technology and expertise to deliver the customer experience and efficient loan servicing your organization deserves.

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Industries We Serve

In offering proven servicing experience and advanced, flexible technology that delivers effective loan servicing for diverse portfolio types, Nelnet provides unmatched value to our partners and customers working within various industries.

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Nelnet provides valuable solutions across multiple business lines. We invite you to explore our brands related to consumer loan servicing.

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