Modernize Your Business with Our Custom Solutions

Meeting the changing needs of your customers, employees, and partners is critical to your success. If your current systems are outdated or underperforming, Nelnet’s custom application development and modernization solutions provide you with technologies to meet and exceed your unique business needs.

Support Critical Business Functions

Whether you’re migrating from a legacy system or developing new applications, we analyze the capabilities and performance of current approaches to develop requirements and plans that will transform your antiquated systems into robust, modern systems.

Remove Dependencies

Rely on our team to help you break free from old infrastructures and technologies that are no longer supported.

Efficient Development

Custom development and modernization are structured to swiftly support your business processes, maximizing productivity.

Designed to Scale

Designed to grow and evolve as your business changes, custom development addresses current pain points and addresses future needs.

Compliance Requirements

Our tenured team helps you address compliance demands by replacing or upgrading legacy systems.

Modernized Technology

Need to migrate to mobile and cloud technologies? We can help with that.

Based in the US

Our technologists are 100% based in the U.S., providing rapid response and dedicated support and management of your custom development projects.

Proven Best Practices

Our application of best practices enables rapid adoption of new technology to ensure consistency and standardization in solution delivery.


For compliance with our federal contract, over 95% of our staff have 5c and 6c clearance –helping to ensure we bring high quality, trusted resources to each customer.

Our Offerings

Our team of technologists, architects, developers, designers, and project managers provide best-in-class software solutions, industry expertise, and personalized customer service to meet all of your custom and modernization needs.

Application Modernization

Nelnet’s application modernization provides a proven process and the skills and resources needed to evolve and advance your current applications.

Custom Development

If your needs have entirely outgrown your current applications, leverage Nelnet’s custom development to take advantage of new technology with new, custom applications.

Cloud Migration

Move on from outdated and inefficient legacy infrastructures with Nelnet’s cloud migration strategies and services that ensure a smooth transition to the cloud – transforming your business.

Application Integration

Integrate your applications and systems to build efficiency, unlock new capabilities to cut costs, provide essential business insights, and better serve your clients.

Cloud-Native Development

Leverage cloud-native applications to provide scalable, easy to manage, cost-effective solutions.

Industries We Serve

In offering a skilled team of experienced technologists to design, develop, deploy, and modernize critical technologies and systems, Nelnet provides unmatched value to our partners and customers working within various industries.

Financial Services

With decades of experience with loans to payment plans and more, Nelnet’s longevity and reputation in this industry thrive based on our innovation, compliance, quality, efficiency, and customer experience.


Our extensive experience working in highly regulated industries makes us a proven, trusted, compliant partner capable of helping federal, state, and local agencies achieve a variety of complex goals efficiently, with minimal risk.


At Nelnet, we know the most innovative technology anticipates customer needs, provides exceptional user experience, is flexible and easily integrated – and must be supported by real people providing expert service.

Health Care

We understand the complexities of the highly regulated health care industry. Our processes help us smoothly navigate crucial security and confidentiality issues to reduce risk and maintain compliance.

Professional Services

Over four decades, we’ve created efficiencies and best practices that have helped us succeed. By sharing our expertise and flexible, innovative solutions, we help our partners transform the way they do business.

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