The New Standard for Video Teaching and Learning

In every classroom, training scenario, or professional evaluation, important learning moments go unnoticed. Our video analysis software is the new standard, helping you record, identify, and share those moments using video. You’ll find it simple to record using any camera or mobile device, and share videos with individuals or groups. Mark important moments for feedback, grading, critique, coaching, analysis, or video observation using our Vosaic Forms feature.

Here’s Why We’re Trusted, Worldwide

Educators, researchers, trainers, and salespeople in various settings across numerous industries rely on our solution to help them achieve their goals.

Provide Evidence-Based Feedback

Vosaic has more flexibility, specificity, and efficiency to mark important moments in video than any other competing product.


Vosaic makes it easy to give objective feedback and invite others to watch and provide comments on areas that need improvement.

Private and Secure

Vosaic uses industry-leading privacy and security practices, including data encryption and ownership, identity verification, strong passwords, modern infrastructure, and access roles and groups.

Flexible and Accessible

Customize observation forms to fit your specific feedback, self-reflection, or research needs.

Our Offerings

Vosaic is a cloud-based company that provides user-friendly video recording and analysis software for professional development, skills-based training, and research to K-12, higher education, healthcare, and private sector institutions.

Industries We Serve

In offering video analysis software that is the new standard for teaching and learning with video, Nelnet provides unmatched value to our partners and customers working within various industries.


Nelnet was founded on making our customers’ educational dreams possible. Our partners in this industry know that our commitment to education – from K-12 to higher education – is part of what defines us.


Our extensive experience working in highly regulated industries makes us a proven, trusted, compliant partner capable of helping federal, state, and local agencies achieve a variety of complex goals efficiently, with minimal risk.


At Nelnet, we know the most innovative technology anticipates customer needs, provides exceptional user experience, is flexible and easily integrated – and must be supported by real people providing expert service.

Health Care

We understand the complexities of the highly regulated health care industry. Our processes help us smoothly navigate crucial security and confidentiality issues to reduce risk and maintain compliance.

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