Advance Your Customers’ Experience with Experienced, Data-Driven UI/UX

Every user follows a unique path, expecting content and experience to adapt to meet them where they are, often across multiple environments, platforms and devices. For nearly two decades, Nelnet has used advanced techniques to reveal critical customer insights, conduct objective experience research, and innovate through data-driven design. Nelnet’s Unifi Design Studio provides expert UI/UX design support for various products, from complex, customer-facing, self-service websites to mobile apps and internal processing tools.

Research, Design, and Development to Support the User Experience

From research and testing to design and interface implementation, Nelnet supports you to meet users’ needs. Our team can identify UI/UX opportunities and solutions to help elevate your customers’ experience.


We explore and capture users’ needs, desires, expectations, values, attitudes, behaviors, and goals, creating empathy and helping our team identify and understand challenges that affect user behavior.


Our innovative, data-driven solutions use a design thinking approach. Collaborating with clients, we research and design solutions that organize user content logically for customers.


Leveraging and analyzing feedback helps our team improve the design and ultimately create the most intuitive, compelling experience for customers.


Once potential solutions are implemented, we measure their success by testing the UX to identify whether defined benefits are achieved.

Our Offerings

Researching human behavior, designing intuitive solutions, and developing standardized components allow Nelnet to help you provide your customers with superior experiences. Meet your unique needs, budget, and timeline with our wide array of customizable UI/UX services.

Human-Centered Design

With a heuristic-focused evaluation, we look closely at all aspects of the user experience. Leveraging standard design principles and best practices, our experienced Unifi Design Studio identifies different possible issues and opportunities to develop memorable and straightforward designs for the user.

Customer Journey Mapping

Gain an understanding of the intersection between user expectations and business requirements with journey mapping. We develop visual representations of the interaction between your product/service and the customer’s perspective, allowing you to better serve your customers throughout their experience.

Customer Personalization

The creation of personas for typical customers using your product or service provides a complete, data-rich, and research-driven perspective of the unique insights and characteristics of your end-users.

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Now that you’ve seen our data-driven approach to developing customizable UI/UX design for our customers, learn more about how partnering with us can help elevate your customers’ experiences.

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Elevate your citizens’ experiences with our data-driven approach to developing UI/UX design. There are easy mechanisms for you to explore and access Nelnet’s services through our General Services Administration (GSA) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) vehicle.

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