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We have a decades-long history of providing high-quality, customer-focused federal loan services and support to the Department of Education. Our reliable, flexible, scalable federal loan servicing solution is supported by operational expertise with highly complex programs, leading to compliant, risk-free servicing and positive borrower and government outcomes.

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As a full-service provider, Nelnet Federal Student Loan Services has developed efficient and effective solutions, proven processes, and a focus on customer experience that the Department of Education can rely on and its customers deserve.

We wanted to centralize and streamline our loan management interfaces and processes. After reviewing the products offered by Great Lakes, we decided the available options would be a great fit for our operations. We were able to work directly with the Great Lakes Support Team to fully transition our private loan processing, including both ScholarNet and Central Disbursement Service (CDS) implementation, in less than two weeks.

Stacy Briggs

Assistant Director of Financial Aid, Clemson University

Clicking the Repayment Essentials link on our Loan Information page helps our exiting students with private loans transition to repayment, learn about consolidation options, and even be on the alert for potential predatory scams.

Jen Sassman

Financial Aid Director, Wartburg College

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In offering proven, efficient federal loan services, deep program knowledge, and exceptional service to federal student loan customers, Nelnet Federal Student Loan Services provides unmatched value to our partners and customers working within various industries.

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As a trusted partner of the Department of Education, Nelnet Federal Student Loan Services has served millions of students and their families – providing access to education for a better life and supporting successful repayment.