Case Study

Diocese of Brooklyn 

The Diocese of Brooklyn needed one affordable place for organizing and tracking certifications, live events, and assessment data.

Case Study

Diocese of Rochester’s Journey in Online Diocesan Management 

The Diocese was willing to embrace technology to deliver online courses and training to employees, volunteers, ministers, and sacraments.

Case Study

CFT Partners with the Archdiocese of Chicago for Catechist Management 

The Archdiocese spoke with more than 700 individuals to help draft the future direction of their Catechist Management program and added an online option.

Case Study

Heartland Pathogend 

The COVID-19 pandemic required immediate solutions and innovation. Kansas City-based Heartland Pathogend Services is one such solution.

Case Study


The MindVue process partnered with CD2 Learning’s technology to produce an award-winning technology that optimizes performance and improves mental wellness.


Top 5 Priorities in Developing and Onboarding a Seasonal Staff 

Online assessment, coaching, onboarding, re-engagement, and simulated learning are today’s solutions as seasonal hiring begins.

Case Study

Uniting the Diocese to Grow as One Assembly 

The Diocese of Rochester needed an affordable, easy-to-use technology to track where teachers, coaches, and catechists were on their certification path.