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Outdated technology systems and applications can still be critical to business operations. It takes the right support, maintenance, resources, and expertise to keep these systems viable while you pivot away from them, ensuring you don’t put your business at risk. Nelnet’s team of software engineers, architects, and project managers have extensive experience in conversions, including extensive experience with large-scale, multi-platform system support – delivering the high-quality results your customers expect.

Bring New Life to Critical Legacy Technology

Organizations that are still reliant on legacy technology face the challenge of managing and maintaining these systems effectively. Nelnet’s Legacy Application services can help you, whether you’re migrating from a legacy system or developing new applications.


We help you avoid critical system downtime and client interruptions with system maintenance that enhances the efficiency of your systems, applications, and operations – and reduces errors.


Our legacy application experts have extensive experience, demonstrating a deep understanding of how legacy applications operate and what it takes to keep them running.

Compliance Focused

Nelnet’s experience in highly regulated, compliance-driven industries ensures that your systems will meet all compliance requirements – critical for legacy applications.


Nelnet’s legacy application team will ensure your systems are running as efficiently as possible – delaying or forgoing the need for hardware and software upgrade costs.

Based in the US

Nelnet’s technologists are 100% based in the U.S., providing rapid response and dedicated support and management of your legacy application efforts.

Proven Best Practices

Our application of best practices allows us to effectively manage legacy applications and helps us provide exceptional customer experiences.


For compliance with our federal contract, over 95% of our staff have 5c and 6c clearance –helping to ensure we bring high-quality, trusted resources to each customer.

Our Offerings

Our experts work directly with your IT team to understand your business, evaluate your systems, identify risk, present solutions, and execute those solutions to maintain and extend the life of your critical systems.

Managed Services and Maintenance

We help you maintain your system by addressing ongoing maintenance and operational requirement changes.

Project-Based Enhancements

Our team partners with your business to deliver new applications and enhancements to your existing system. This allows you to free up resources, in turn accelerating projects where you have resource needs.

Code Conversion

Nelnet's team of technologists can convert your legacy applications code to a modern technology stack while keeping services unchanged – without impact on end users.

Data Migration

Our data team has extensive experience supporting large-scale, multi-platform system migrations, including the extraction, transformation, and loading of the data. We work with you to ensure a smooth transition for all external system interfaces and processes.

Application Modernization and Migration

Let us help you discover newer and more versatile technology options and devise a migration strategy. Our experts research your issues, develop technical solutions, design systems, execute programming changes, and create well-documented recommendations.

Explore Legacy Application Services

Now that you’ve seen the capabilities offered by our expert team, discover how we can bring new life to essential legacy technology to keep your operations efficient, compliance, and effective.

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Industries We Serve

In offering experienced technologists who can keep essential legacy applications and systems operating efficiently and effectively, Nelnet provides unmatched value to our partners and customers working within various industries.

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