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We provide online private loan selection, certification, and disbursement solutions that simplify processing to efficiently get students the funds they need to access and stay in school. Our solutions instantly connect any participating school, CommonLine-compliant service provider, or financial aid management system with hundreds of private loan providers and programs.

What We Do

We use our expertise and technology to provide secure, compliant, and flexible solutions that save our clients time with private loan processing so they can focus on other important tasks. Our experienced team provides support with exceptional service.

What Our Customers Say

ScholarNet provides the tools we need to manage our private loan processing from certification through disbursement. The system is very user friendly and easy to navigate. The customer service we receive from ScholarNet is outstanding. They are so helpful, especially when we are training a new person in our office on private loan processing. The ScholarNet product and staff have been instrumental in transforming our private loan processing.

Ken Kocer

Director of Financial Assistance, Mount Marty University

Ever since switching to ScholarNet, our private loan processing has been more effective and efficient. The ease of the navigating of their website when it comes to certifications and pulling in disbursements, has really made a difference in our processes. In addition to that, any call to Client Services is handled and resolved immediately and if it can’t be, the follow up is always on point. Best decision to partner with ScholarNet.

Sandra Norris

Senior Associate Director of Student Financial Planning, High Point University

Industries We Serve

In simplifying the processing of private student loans for students and those who work with them, ScholarNet provides unmatched value to our partners and customers working within various industries.

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If you're ready to start automating your private loan processing with ScholarNet, reach out to our team of experts to discuss your unique needs and schedule a demonstration.

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