Nelnet Bank: Open for Business. Education. And Dreams.

We’ve created a new kind of bank: one that helps families achieve their dreams with financial knowledge and access to education. With financial strength and stability, 40+ years of student loan expertise, and exceptional customer service – who better than Nelnet to transform digital banking?

Creating a Culture of Accessibility in Your Business

Discover how to integrate accessibility into your regular, everyday processes, develop it as an enterprise-wide skillset, and champion it as a vital part of your company culture. Nelnet’s lead accessibility architect Marc Thorson reveals how, by embracing accessibility, we can truly serve everyone.

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Contributing to a Cleaner, Greener Planet

Nelnet understands the importance of making clean, renewable energy accessible to everyone. Since 2018, we’ve funded or committed to fund $200 million to build community solar projects across the country. And, through our new brand, Nelnet Renewable Energy, we’re proudly supporting others in their quests for greener living.

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How Automating Payment Plans Helped Indiana University

Processing $2 billion of annual receivables for 95,000 students is a challenge – particularly when some of them are falling behind on payments. Discover how Nelnet Campus Commerce helped Indiana University’s nine campuses process nearly $1 million from past due accounts – while improving student satisfaction and easing administrative workload.

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Nelnet by the Numbers

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