What’s In the Pipeline?

The Silicon Prairie is alive and well – and we’re proof of it. Backed by the resources of a large corporation and motivated by the culture of a close-knit family, our engineers and developers work from ideation through execution. Whether working from our offices or their home base, we always have exciting projects in the works.

Payment Technology

Nelnet is adding several value-added features to its existing payment platform, with the overriding goal of broadening the way people accept payments. Processing a payment from a computer or phone is commonplace, but we want to take it a step further. As part of this initiative, PaymentSpring is exploring check and cryptocurrency payments as a tool for merchants.

Community Engagement

Community engagement requires focus on participation, managing numerous tasks, and marketing and communications. Nelnet makes it all easier by creating digital tools with Aware3 to help churches and nonprofits drive generosity, increase engagement, and fulfill their missions. CD2™ Learning helps clients customize engaging content for their learners, update courses, and create new ones for a personalized experience.

Financial Services Technology

Nelnet offers the most flexible and highly configurable solution in the financial services industry – Nelnet Velocity™. This cutting-edge, white-label technology allows us to offer our clients the opportunity to partner with us to design the best solution, integrated and optimized with their preferred marketing and customer experience flows.

Why Nelnet?

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s why our associates love pursuing their IT careers at Nelnet.

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Learn About Major IT Job Roles at Nelnet

Lucy Johnson

Scrum Master
Well-versed in both agile and waterfall methodologies, Lucy manages a variety of applications in each Nelnet segment.

Heath Roehr

Heath Roehr

Chief Technology Officer
Heath is a former NASA developer who now serves as Chief Technology Officer for Nelnet Bank.

Patrick Jungers

IT Manager
With six years at Nelnet under his belt, Patrick’s role focuses on resolving technical issues for associates and clients.

Jennifer Moore

IT Software Architect
Jen works on the DevOps team's modernization efforts in cloud computing while co-chairing Nelnet’s Associate Resource Group for Women in IT.


A career in IT comes with competitive compensation and benefits, combined with the flexibility of a hybrid work environment. Nelnet takes care of associates both inside and outside the office through extensive perks and benefits with a genuine focus on health and wellness.

Bleeding Edge Technology

Diverse Tech Stacks

Thrive in an environment that challenges you to think outside the box. No matter the technology, from the most modern stacks to the newest, bleeding-edge solutions, our IT associates use a variety of technology to build a career with Nelnet.

Free Health Benefit Premiums

Free Health Premiums

Hit all of your health goals and qualify for free health premiums for associate-only coverage. That means money back in your pocket every month for staying healthy.

Flexible Work Hours

Flexible Work Environment

Work remote or in the office – your choice. And when it comes to dress, jeans and tees are the norm. Or feel free to bust out that button-down if you’re feeling classy.

401(k) and Loan Repayment Program

401(k) and Student Loan Repayment Matching

Choose if you’d like to contribute employer-matched funds to your 401(k) plan or for paying off your student loans. We’ll match 100% on the first 3% of compensation contributed, plus 50% on the next 2% of compensation contributed.

Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition Reimbursement

After being a part of the Nelnet family for a year, you’re eligible for tuition reimbursement if you’re seeking higher education in a technology field.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Stay in touch with industry trends and begin a cycle of lifelong learning by attending worldwide conferences and education courses on the Nelnet dime.

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Explore diverse opportunities and advance your goals with an exciting career in IT at Nelnet.

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