20 Key Benefits of Greenfield Development

Greenfield development offers unique benefits to landowners, developers, communities, and cities/countries. We explore key issues facing these stakeholders and consider how solar projects with Nelnet Renewable Energy’s greenfield development team can help address their challenges while supporting environmental sustainability.


Building a New Focus (and Pillar) on Innovation

A cross-functional team at Nelnet recently set out to answer the question, “How do we make sure innovation is part of everyday life for every associate?” Discover what the team learned, and how it spurred innovative thinking across the company.


Understanding Wireless Device Strength

Our technicians and support team often throw out terms like wireless interference,” “channel congestion,” and “big red showdown.” It’s easy to forget that not everyone shares our enthusiastic obsession with all things tech. Let’s dive into wireless devices, their capabilities, and their downfalls.


The Future is Fusion: Introducing the Nelnet Cyber Fusion Center

Innovation is about seeing the world differently and solving practical problems that need to be solved. It begins with developing a culture of learning and unlearning. It begins with exploration. Nelnet’s director of innovation Brian Ardinger reveals ways to accelerate your exploration efforts — and reap big rewards.


New ACH Web Debit Validation

The National Automated Clearing House Association (or if you like acronyms, NACHA) is now requiring any new, first-time payments from an account to be validated before accepting the first payment made. We’re implementing this in our system effective on September 1, 2021.


Virtual Church 101

Go virtual with confidence. Learn how to quickly bring your virtual church to life in the midst of coronavirus.


Powering Conference Engagement

Pastor J. Ricardo Smith shares his experience powering engagement with a mobile app at Classic City Conference in Athens, GA.


A Tech CEO's 5 Predictions About the Future of Church and Tech

A founder of Aware3 makes predictions about how technology will impact the church in the coming decade.


Get Our E-book: Assessing and Addressing Your School’s Financial Health

Identify best practices to improve your school’s financial health – even during times of uncertainty – with tips from our e-book.