Professional Development and Instructional Services for Educators

We’re dedicated to elevating the education experience through professional development, instructional services, and teacher/student growth. By connecting schools with superior resources, teachers, and technology, FACTS helps private schools offer students the best education possible.

Maximize Funding to Elevate Your Education

Our experts help you maximize funding dollars with customized professional development and instructional services that meet your unique needs. Our proven, powerful solutions help elevate your education experience.

Customized Solutions

Our individualized programs align with needs assessments to positively impact teaching and learning, improving academic outcomes using research-based techniques.

Consultations to Find Funding

We help you find and maximize Title I, II, and III funds to build our program and provide the best opportunities for your teachers, students, and families.

Experienced Professionals

Our professionally trained coaches are trained in the science of coaching – and our presenters are professional facilitators dedicated to delivering valuable content.

Effective Use of Technology

With virtual and on-demand options, professional development can happen anytime, anywhere – and our innovative video platform allows for an effective and convenient virtual coaching experience.

Industries We Serve

In offering a comprehensive administration solution with a single, service-oriented provider for easier consolidation of student information and activity, Nelnet provides unmatched value to our partners and customers working within various industries.

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