Integrated, Streamlined Commerce Management for Higher Education

From in-person payments and digital downloads for class, to online shopping experiences and a mobile app, our integrated commerce solutions help your institution maintain revenue sources all across campus. We’ll help you ensure that every payment made with your institution is secure and simple. Plus, each of our Integrated Commerce solutions is supported by our team’s proven expertise and best-in-class service, making your payment experience even smarter.

Connected Commerce, Smarter Campus

Our fully integrated commerce solutions make it possible to stay connected with students as they interact with events, vendors, online stores, and pop-up shops throughout campus. Where they go, you can reach them.

Increase Revenue

These solutions help institutions manage non-tuition-related revenue sources across campus – like events, bookstores, dining halls, and merchandise.

Improved Communication

Using our mobile app, institutions can communicate directly with students and connect with their community.

In-Person Payments

From permanent offices to pop-up shops, institutions can use our solutions to measure every in-person payment on their campus.

Online Stores

Institutions can set up online storefronts for different departments and manage every payment in one system.

Our Offerings

Our solutions help maintain revenue sources across campus, and ensure that every payment made on your campus is secure. Our consultative approach ensures that we bring valuable, innovative solutions to our partners for today and beyond.

Industries We Serve

With powerful technology and experienced people, Nelnet provides unmatched value to our partners and customers working within various industries.


Nelnet was founded on making our customers’ educational dreams possible. Our partners in this industry know that our commitment to education – from K-12 to higher education – is part of what defines us.


At Nelnet, we know the most innovative technology anticipates customer needs, provides exceptional user experience, is flexible and easily integrated – and must be supported by real people providing expert service.


Our extensive experience working in highly regulated industries makes us a proven, trusted, compliant partner capable of helping federal, state, and local agencies achieve a variety of complex goals efficiently, with minimal risk.

Health Care

We understand the complexities of the highly regulated health care industry. Our processes help us smoothly navigate crucial security and confidentiality issues to reduce risk and maintain compliance.

Financial Services

With decades of experience with loans to payment plans and more, Nelnet’s longevity and reputation in this industry thrive based on our innovation, compliance, quality, efficiency, and customer experience.


Everything we do is mission-driven: We’re inspired and fully capable of applying our expertise to help nonprofits achieve their missions.


A mission-driven organization with decades of working with faith-based K-12 schools and churches, Nelnet has extensive experience overcoming the unique challenges facing those who work in the religious sector.

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