Leverage Our Passion for Accessibility

For more than 30 years, Nelnet has operated with a core value of creating superior customer experiences — for everyone. Our accessibility software engineers, architects, and project managers have extensive experience in web development and document remediation as well as a passion for creating inclusive experiences.

Creating an Inclusive Experience

Across the world, 15% of the population has a disability. As technology becomes more integrated with our lives, digital accessibility may be more important than ever before. Your software, systems, documents and digital experiences must be evaluated and improved regularly to ensure accessibility, compliance, and true inclusivity. That’s where our accessibility team excels.


Our digital accessibility team combines its passion for accessibility with extensive experience, delivering solutions that support everyone.

Compliance Focused

Drawing from our experience in highly regulated industries, we develop accessibility solutions that ensure compliance with industry requirements.

Inclusive Workforce

Our accessibility team has years of knowledge and personal experiences with the challenges of living with disabilities.

Best Practices

Applying accessibility best practices, we identify structural and design issues, facilitating swift and comprehensive remediation for optimal accessibility.

Our Offerings

Our skilled team collaborates closely with yours to understand your business needs, assess processes, identify new opportunities, and provide tailored suggestions based on your accessibility needs.

Accessibility Assessment

As software and systems evolve, they must be regularly evaluated and improved to ensure accessibility. Our certified accessibility testers can assist you in managing compliance risks through transparent, consultative advice and detailed test results.

Mobile, Web & Document Repair and Remediation

Leverage our team's hands-on experience remediating websites, mobile apps, documents, and videos. Our solutions ensure effective operation by everyone, including those using assistive technology like screen readers and speech recognition.


Understanding disabilities and related laws, standards, and strategies is complex. Our dedicated team of experts guide you and your team in incorporating accessibility checks and best practices into your processes, ensuring compliance now and in the future.

Explore Digital Accessibility with a Proven Expert

Now that you’ve seen our passion for accessibility and the solutions we offer, take a deeper dive. Discover how we can assist you in creating a more inclusive and compliant environment with your technology, website, and documents.

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Industries We Serve

In offering expert solutions that leverage our passion for accessibility and a positive customer experience for all, Nelnet provides unmatched value to our partners and customers working within various industries.

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Nelnet provides valuable solutions across multiple business lines. We invite you to explore our brands related to digital accessibility solutions.

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