Nelnet Financial Services

Nelnet’s roots began from helping people plan for financial success by providing educational funding. Larger and more diverse than you may think, Nelnet Financial Services now manages billions in federal student loans and hundreds of millions in private loans. Our education-focused Nelnet Bank is one of the first industrial bank charters approved in a decade. Nelnet Financial Services originates new student loan assets and manages over $1.25 billion in assets for third-party customers – and we’re a leader in credit life and disability coverage.

Nelnet Bank

With FDIC approval in fall of 2020, Nelnet Bank launched as an internet-only industrial bank – with a mission to help borrowers and families achieve their dreams with financial knowledge and access to education.

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Nelnet Renewable Energy

As a leading tax equity investor with proven asset management capabilities, Nelnet Renewable Energy offers a unique co-investment opportunity for companies to unlock shareholder value, lower effective tax rate, and drive sustainability.

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U-fi From Nelnet

U-fi From Nelnet provides private student loans – for undergraduate and various graduate degrees – to help consumers reach their educational and financial goals.

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First National Life

First National Life Insurance Company is a leader in credit life and disability coverage.

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Investments and Start-Ups

Through our years of experience, we know that our business succeeds when our communities are vibrant. That’s why we are proud to support innovation and improvements in our community by investing in start-ups and real estate that we believe can make a positive impact.

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