Trevor Augustin, client services specialist, still laughs at the best compliment he’s ever received on the job.

“Nelnet Payment Services does exactly what I want it to do and operates in the background. I don’t have to think about processing payments,” said the client. “I see my payments a couple days later, so I’m happy.”

Trevor grins as he says, “It’s not every profession that you want to be so good that you’re forgotten about.”

While clients may never see the hustle it takes to create a seamless experience, Trevor is in the midst of it all. He fields customer calls, reviews merchant applications, and cracks technical questions for non-technical clients.

It’s true that Nelnet Payment Services operates so smoothly some clients forget it’s there. But when clients do have to pick up the phone, Trevor and his team stand at the ready with lively attitudes and 200-plus years of collective experience. Trevor shares his insights into what makes Nelnet Payment Services support a cut above other payment processors.

What do you like most about the support team?

I love that I work with people who are experts in the company and in the payment industry. Having that web of support is comforting. If a client calls with a unique problem, someone on our team knows the answer.

How would you describe Nelnet Payment Services?

We specialize in payment processing for education, religious, and non-profit organizations. Our gateway matches their needs perfectly. We offer recurring payments that can easily be reconciled through our reporting and tools.

How does your team serve clients?

I’m part of a very relaxed and hard-working team. We are unified in working toward continuously making a better payment processing company.

What tips do you have for providing excellent customer service?

If you’re going into customer service, you need empathy. You can disarm upset customers by acknowledging their problem and offering solutions as they appear.

I listen for the root cause of the issue. If I have to deliver bad news, I try to sandwich the bad news between positivity. I work to make sure the customer knows their complaint is being heard, acknowledged, and worked on being resolved.

Why should someone consider hiring Nelnet Payment Services?

We serve the merchant. We’re smaller, have a great track record, and being under a huge parent company like Nelnet shows our stability.

We also provide live, personable customer support — not an automated response. We strive to make our customers’ experience less transactional and more personal and professional.

We hope you love us so much, you can forget about us.


Canice Kobus

Director of Client Services, Nelnet Payment Services

Canice has worked in the financial and payments industries for over 40 years with a focus on client relationships. At Nelnet, she manages the client services team, responsible for building successful client experiences with partners and merchants. With a focus on creating long-term relationships, she’s constantly listening to client needs and providing the tools, resources, and support they need to grow their business while maintaining revenue goals. In an email-driven work environment, Canice encourages her team to pick up the phone and enjoy the two-fold satisfaction that comes from a good conversation with a client. Off the clock, she is an avid golden doodle lover – with a passion for pooches of all sizes, ages, and colors.