Payment processing is what we do. Making your job as a Nelnet Payment Services partner super easy — that’s what we love to do. We wish we could just hand you the keys to our sweet widgets, slick reporting, no-brainer account updater, and oh man, have you seen those API dev docs! But we have to make it official by having your customers create a merchant account.

Nelnet Payment Services Signup is how we do that. Our handcrafted application process is easy-to-use for your customers and quick to get customers accepting payments. Here are a few reasons we love our new signup tool and think you will too.

1. Short, easy-to-follow application pages

Your customers navigate through our simple application pages, never entering the same information twice. Hearing things like “That was it?” and “That was too easy!” motivates us to keep our process short and sweet.

2. Customer-focused configuration

You know your customers best. So we partner with you to configure an intuitive application for them. Our slick configuration tool gets the ball rolling within minutes. This thing is powerful and we love testing its boundaries. Have an idea? Let’s hear it!

Want to see what is happening with your customers apps real-time?  Not a problem, you can have access to our boarding dashboard that keeps you in the know.

3. Quick signing process

We made it our business to make the signing process easy on you and your customers. We give you complete transparency with the process so you understand what’s happening and know you’re doing it correctly. Hearing our partners’ excitement about the new signing experience makes us excited too.

“I had a FACTS Giving client in mid-August, and she called me to walk her through the application. It was only four minutes, then we were done,” said Cooper Domgard, FACTS associate. “Everything feels much more user-friendly with less space for error than the previous application.”

4. Client services tools – the best thing since sliced bread

We didn’t forget about the folks that bring a merchant account to life. We built tools for Nelnet Payment Services Client Services to onboard you quickly and without error. Who said operations folks can’t geek out on cool tech?

“Signup is the best thing since sliced bread! Our new signup platform is incredibly intuitive, allowing clients to complete their applications independently and with ease,” says Stephanie Kersten-Rivera, Nelnet Payment Services Client Services team leader. “We’ve felt a reduction in call volume due to the more customized application and less back-end technical issues. With fewer questions, more automation and more accurate information, we’ve been able to board the accounts more quickly leading to an overall better customer experience. Thank you to our development team for their hard work – you’ve made our merchant application dreams come true!”

5. Positive experience for your customers

We understand that your customers’ experience with Nelnet Payment Services is important to you.  That’s why we invest in building tools to keep our signup experience closely linked to yours. Important seamless integration and real-time updates are part of creating a signup experience that reflects well on you.

If you couldn’t tell, we’re pretty fond of our new signup tool and love to show it off. If you want to take it for a test drive to see what your customers go through or collaborate on the next great place we can take the tech, we’d love to hear from you!


Angela Nielsen

Manager of Product Development, Nelnet Payment Services

Angela is an Accredited ACH Professional, Accredited Payments Risk Professional, and a Certified Payments Professional, with over a decade of experience serving the education and nonprofit space. For Nelnet, she works to define and realize the product roadmap, focusing on the development of integrated payment and billing systems serving customers in the US and internationally. She is an active member of the NACHA Payments Innovation Alliance, a participant in the EPCOR Third Party Sender Committee, and has a passion for powering the payments that help organizations serve their mission. Based in Omaha, she enjoys spending free time with family and friends, cooking with her husband, and spoiling their pets.